Mil Is So Awful

There are so many reasons  why I hate my MIL, but the biggest ones are that she never came to see my son when he was born.  Not for months and months, until she needed to do something that was near where we lived, so she popped in then.  Once.  Her first grandchild.

She didn't bother to help her daughter when she had early stage cervical cancer.  She left me to take her to the hospital for the treatment, even though she knew that I had only just got out of hospital with my five month old son who was treated for suspected menigitis (which she wasn't interested in either)

When she broke her ankle she lived with us for eight weeks and I did every single thing for her, and often my husband was away.  So I cooked for her and brought her every drink whilst looking after my two boys as well.  She never even got in touch to say thank you afterwards.  She also never WASHED the entire time she was her.  Not once.  And left the toilet in the most disgusting state everytime she used it.  So disgusting I wanted to have the house fumagated when she left.

She (very very kindly) offered to pay for my children's education on several occasions, and then waited until we'd put our child in a school and got the first bill to say that she didn't want to do it anymore.

But, am I the only one who finds her behaviour awful, but I get most angry with my OH as he always has an excuse for her and chats and acts like everything is ok with her.  Always sending her pictures of the children and being pleasant - and it allows her to think everything is fine.  I don't want to be the one who blows it all up.  I could scream every time she features in our lives!  Very destructive for our marriage.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

I relate to you on the part where u have a horrible mil and your partner acts sweetly to her and as if nothings wrong... i ended up having a conversation (friendly one) with my partner and explained everything to him... i said if we werent on the same page on this then we were going to have problems.. just because its his mother is no excuse you said hes often away so maybe he doesnt see the extent of it... at the end of the day you can only try so much with ur mil before u just cant emotionally or physically try anymore.. which is the reason i have cut my mil off and no longer have anything to do with her...<br />
i so hope it works out for you.. =)