Paying For Your Sins.

Okay update people.  let me back up a bit on this one and input some info that was edited out of the last story.  the one i refer to my sister is a friend that is so close to me like family.  well we helped her out of a abusive marriage and so in retailation her so to be ex got my hubby put up to mast well things went haywire from there and in my absent mind yes i wasnt thinking when i was stupid enough to think she was thinking of us when she said she would put our kids on her insurance so they will be insured. okay now you all are going uh oh.  well i was to but my hubby convinced me that she had no alterer motives when we gave temp custody to her so she could put them on her insureance.  okay yell now STUPID STUPID STUPID.   yes i knew it was wrong there and then but i had my hubby going to mast for helping a friend and that friend trying to escape so yes she slide like a base stealing baseball star right under my radar. okay so jump to the present abit.    kay now she has told the school she has custody. so now everything comes in her name.  she told the girls as well. and i got yelled at for telling them of course i was blamed.  so now after the big blow up from my first story i am asking okay when is custody that you demanded coming back to us?  it takes time he says be patient.  yea right they are both back to taking the girls out with her and leaving me behind not even asking if i want to go never mind that i have to work that night asking is still polite.   I was left to bury our dead animal myself while he took everyone out to have fun.  came back 30 min before i had to leave for work and has the nerve to ask what was for supper. i said since i had no clue when you took off with the girls "for a bit" was going to be all day and no clue when you would return i didn't fix anything.  he got mad! can you believe his nerve?  he is capable of coooking so cook i think.  but anyway i digress. the MIL is back to controling everyone but me talking nasty about me.  and my sister got her a bed finally for her room well my mil looks at her and says you didn't get me a bed.  excuse me? she has a bedrooom set instorage.  oh did i mention that she is bouncing stuff casue she has 60 percent of her paygoing to her IRA? she says she is playing catchup so she is still sponging off of my sis and she is letting her. my sis dont see that she is back in a controlling relationship. but this time she has my mil and not her hubby.  and my hubby is back to bowing to her and letting her get her way cause he is afraid that she will say no more to the sitting over night while i work and he is underway or has duty. but he neglects to remember two things:

1. the lease is in MY SISTERS NAME ONLY. even though my MIL says it HER HOUSE. 

2.  I never asked her to sit for my girls my sis does.  and she no she dont correct her nobody does. she is allowed to say and do what she wants. my girls hate going up there but until i get a day job we have no choice.

thanks all for letting me vent that has been cooking since saturday.

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Goodness have got a mess on your hands. My prayer goes up for help for you. Good luck