She's the Devil

A while back my husband and I borrowed some money from his parents, we just about had it paid off when my husband lost his job one month after our son was born.  His mother insisted we still send the money and I told her that if it came down to buying diapers or sending her money obviously she wouldn't get it.  Well she then threatened to have my son taken away from me since we couldn't afford to have him in the first place.  I freaked out and cursed her up one side and down the other.  It has gone downhill from that point.  She has wished me dead, has called me a ****, has called me a ****** ***** because I have had relationships with black men, has called me a lesbian because one drunken nite years ago i kissed a close friend of mine, she says my son is worthless and she's even gone as far as to call my mother and father names and talk crap about my sister and my niece and nephew.  Now she has decided to become best friends with my husbands ex.  She claims its so she can see her grandson but i know it's because shes a big *****.  I have told her that she'll never see my son because she's a psycho and I can't allow my son to learn that type of behavior and I want him to only be exposed to sane peopel and healthy relationships.  How do I get beyond the anger and hurt of being so betrayed by this woman?

Mar 3, 2009