Why Is She Crazy? I Really Just Need Her to Lose My Number

I dont' understand why my mother-in-law is crazy!! this women is OUT OF CONTROL... you would think that since we got married it would settle down but no sure as can be as soon as my husband leaves she's back at me again.. and ladys and gentlemen you guys have to understand she has had it out for me ever since brandon purposed to me. she seems to think i got down on my own knee and asked myself to marry me... BULL her son did.. and yet she is always trying to spilt us up.. idk if it's cuz she gets upset that he turns to me when he is sick and hurt and upset and calls me and talks to me all the time instead of his mother or what..  but she has done everything you could think of plus more to me.. like at his going away party for bootcamp.. what does she do... she decides she wants to pick a fight w/ me while shes drunk... scream and yell at me in front of everyone... have me bursting in tears... and everything else.. saying i don't do anything for brandon.. i'm worthless i'm going to cheat on him i'm a ****.. and everything else... then she goes inside his grandma's house so i decide i'm walking back to my house which is 30 miles from were we were... and a few seconds of me started walking she's screaming saying she's not done w/ me.. and how i don't do anything for her son but put out that's the only reason he likes me.. if that's not enough i just keep walking.. and my husband jumps in and starts screaming at her... then while he's gone she lied to him ALL THE TIME.. called me up when she found out we were gettng married justice of the peace... and decided to cuzz me out and everything.. then when he comes home lies to him and says she talked to me every week like she promised him.. bullshit...and then the night before the wedding comes and she is throwing a fit.. and saying all types of ****.. i'm not good enough i'm a big baby she's sure i've cheated on him.. (little did she know i came home and was at my house w/ my family every night so i really couldnt) and then come to find out she told her family that the only reason me and brandon were getting married justice of the peace was cuz i was pregnent.. (WRONG AGAIN... i'm not pregnent and we got married justice of the peace cuz the church wouldn't marry us cuz we are young.) to top if off.. she was DRUNK at my wedding.. and completely DRUNK like couldnt' feel her face falling over at dinner.. my and brandon's day and she had to ruin it... then she makes all her smart remarks to me while he's home.. and he always defends me and tells her to shut up.. and we would leave... then he leaves and it was hard for everyone.. she has the nerve to b like oh stop crying your a baby.. i wanted to choke her.. and now his nieghbor (that i have NEVER meet) died 2 days ago and she wanted me to go to the funeral in place of brandon.. well A. i had school today and can't afford to miss cuz each day i miss is 56 dollars. and B. i don't even go to my family's funerals i have my own way of doing things..  and so i tell her that.. and when she gets off the phone runs into her daughters room and tiff taped it and played it for me.. but saying i'm lieing and she knows i'm lien and i'm probably going out.. and everything else under the sun.. and calls up her family once again and tells them how bad of a person i am... GOD... WTF... i just don't know what to do any more.. i can't WIN FOR LOSING EITHER

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That's horrible that she tells him lies like that! Doesn't she realize it's hard enough being married in this world with the statistics and then you said you were young and he's also military! She needs to back off. As long as your husband and you have good communication while he's gone and he believes you and trusts you she's not doing much of anything but hurting herself. I wish you the best of luck and tell your husband thank you. Mine is in the army and I understand how hard those deployments are. Stay strong.

I think a lot of military wives go through this kind of stuff. I do too girl. I would just try to ignore her unless you have to and then as I agree to kill her with kindness. Thats what I do. And even then she tells ppl I miss treat her and I'm not good enough for her son. **HUGS** to you my friend you are not alone.

I say kill her with kindness. No matter what she say or does just be kind. x