I Hate My Mom!

She treats as if i am below her, like she just hates me. She takes us to church EVERY sunday only to disappoint God by hitting me and emotionally abusing me. I dont know if i can take it. She is sooo judmental and steriotypical. She is VERY fake. SHe talks about my dad's side of the family. She is the a physcho path and IREALLLY THINK SHE HAS A MENTAL DISOREDER!!!! I want her to die! I hate her sooooooo much! The things she says and does are not of what a mother should be doing EVER! She cries when she seees a a child abusive movie but yet she is JUST THE SAME! She doesnt really hit me but we have gotten into fights and sometimes she tries to hit me and it does work. SHe made a HUMONGO bruise on  my shoulder a long time ago.  She NEVER lets me do anyhting and keeps me locked in this house! I am treated different than all my other siblings. She doesnt EVER say sorry even when she knows she is wrong but she holds grudges for the longest time which is VERY BAD. She doesnt see her mistakes as a chance to learn fro it but to do EXACTLY what she is doing. I HATE HER! and SHe NEEDS TO DIE!

grapej69 grapej69
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

Is that your mom or your Mother in law?