She's a Witch

Serious Dislike. Wishing evil thoughts. Laughing about it Daily. Want revenge.

I have known and watched this woman operate for 15 years. Have never really liked her but back when she was at least acting half normal you could put up with her.  But these past few years she's slowed down, become a manipulative shrew. She stopped cooking and having family gatherings so there is no more narmalicy in the family. She is becoming quite a nutcase too.

 She'll make restaurant reservations for the holidays without asking first. I have an autistic son and will not take him to some of these events. She never gets that.

She's too materialistic, opinionated, and ignorant to even have a decent conversation with. She is a backstabber too. Real nice and phony to your face and talking about you the next minute. She inherited a half a million dollars and is spending it all on herself. Go ahead spend your money and when you 're old and can't take care of yourself son't wait for me to come cook for you or change your diapers. It ain't happening.

She lives right around the corner. Is a compulsive QVC Shopper and a horder. She doesn't even open the packages she gets. Her gorgeous house (from the outside, because the neighbors have to think you're perfect) s a total disaster and a complete fire trap on the inside. Nobody has been in there for two years.  I'd like to report her.

Keeps family secrets from me. Thinks she's keeping one right now but the jokes on her because I know everything. I call her just to play the game. pick her brain, get the updated family dirt and tell her how wonderful we're doing.

We just bought a house. She's been nothing but a pain in the *** about everything since we told her. Opinionated - about decorating. Offering to give or buy us stuff but only if we do things her way. I'll buy you a new kitchen table and chairs if you take my dining room table. **** that. She doesn't like the dining room set I am using. It was my grandmothers and is over 50 years old. She thinks it's garbage. Why? Because she's better than everybody else I guess. I don't want a single thing from her and am not doing anything her way at all. She can keep her money- her promises of manipulative gifts.

I try to keep my kids away from her as much as possible.

I want a voodoo doll.
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1 Response Aug 15, 2007

Wow. I do feel for you. If you ever find that voodoo doll let me know I want one to. I thought mine was manipulative yours is worse. I hope your hubby is supportive of your decisions.