Not the Dad Too!

for while i thought that my FIL was the good guy. you know how it can be sometimes, one is mean & the other is nice. lately I have been noticing that he is just as bad as she is! so they called in advance to let us know they would be here wednesday to drop off some weights my husband left back home (9 hours from where we live). His dad calls just to tell my hubby that is cost him more $$$ then usual to drive his weights up this direction. (they went to his sister's about 3 hours north of us). He started to feel bad like he should give them some gas $$ then i asked how much did it all weigh? 250lbs. I'm like, "thats all? that's like having my dad in the car!" then he realized that it was just like having an extra person in the car & it shouldn't have made such a big difference. SCAVENGERS!

he is always asking my husband to buy the gas or other things here n there. but what gets me is that they don't really work at regular jobs & they were doing relationship counceling thru the church & the church paid for their gas so they didn't need our money! they are both able to work but CHOOSE not to!  we already pay their cell phone bill, his brother pays for the other cell AND gave them his car that he is still paying the note AND insurance on it!

PLUS they are renting out 2 rooms to my FIL's brother, wife & 3 kids! Their mortgage is only $300 and the brother is paying all the utilities plus the rooms. so i know they have money! Greedy SOB's!

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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

stay away lol they are no good and they will never change....they seem like very sad people.