I Need Advise Please Help

Okay so I have been with my maybe spouse to be  for 2 years now and I am considering not even getting married due to his mother.

The bank account

When I first met her she would not even get off the phone to introduce herself,which I thought to be very rude since I was jumping over backwards to make a first good impresion.  So she really didnt even say one single little meaningless word.  Later on my other half had gotten kicked out of his aunts, which was where he was staying due to parole. She had gotten us an apartment, we did pay her back but with my other halfs info she opened up a bank account in his name in a town a 2 and a half hour drive away and did not give him the check book or anything of that sort. She then talked him into giving all his checks to her for deposite. Did I mention that she got herself access to this account?

My son and my religion

I have a 4 year old from another marrige and whenever she comes to visit or vice versa she practicly tries to take over. Keep in mind that me and her son are not yet wed. Anyways, I am open to religon and believe that my son should make the decision to learn about whatever religion he wants when he is old enough to make the choice on his own. I do not want to influence this in any way because I do not want him being biast and not learning about other paths that might suite him better. My other half's mom is christian and has gone so far to even take my son to church without my approval. She will even bring over christian books and such, knowing where I stand.

My Clothes!!! This one is a shocker

I had just about gotten tired of her stopping in our apartment whenever she felt like it and my other half would not say anything to her. I thought it was time to take controll. So we moved in with MY parents, thinking okay she is seriously damaged if she tries to walk into my parents house like that. My parents wont stand for something like that. so anyways... we had not gotten all of our things out of the apartment yet so she took it upon herself to get rid of some things she felt like were unneeded. LIKE MY CLOTHES!!! without asking she went through all of my things and all she left me was a foot tall laundry basket with nothing but sweaters and granny pants.

There are so many other things that she does that are horrible. I might just be complaing but you really had to of been there in my shoes. I am afraid to get married. She calls dailey and will not just but out. She acts like she has the right over both me and my other half. She treats me like dirt and makes me feel even worse. I am even afraid of expanding my family I am afraid of what kind of controll that will give her and the affects on my children and my marrige. please help I am giving out my e-mail... I need advise..         stachiag@gmail.com


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RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! things will only get worse! you are marrying her son and you'll be in her family so she will keep acting this way or worse! trust me! tell your man if he doesn't fix things then you're gonna move on! and walk away if he doesn't have the balls!

Well said, Tarsha!

Maybe you should ask her if she likes fishing. Only joking, the man needs to stand up to his mother otherwise she will rule your family, but remember if you marry him it is him you are marring and not his mother, you are starting your own family and this is what he needs to acknowledge