Dont Know What to Do.

i cant say i hate her but she makes it very difficult for me to love her. iam 6 months pregnant with my first child and my husband is an angel.  theres only one problem his parents.  his mother the most.  she is very manipulative.  ever since ive been with my husband its been a tug of war with my husband in the middle, she acts like a little girl all the time like she is in need of attention (for example i had a craving for a sundae so i bought one and she got really upset because i didnt get her one im a pregnant woman i was thinking about my own cravings). its gotten so bad that i get anxiety just thinking about the stuff that she does and the way she acts. unfortunatley my father in law will be doing some jail time for a dui for 4 months during my due date.  so she talked my husband into believing that the best thing for HER would be for us to spent my maternity leave in her house so SHE wont feel lonely through out those four months my father in law is in jail.  and she unshamely invited herself to stay with us in my mothers house after i return home from giving birth, which by the way my mother completely was against it due to lack of space (my husband and i live with my mother to help out with my handicap brother). i really want to stay at my house during my maternity leave  and be at peace with my new family but i dont know how to tell my husband. please i need some advice.

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

BUMMER! Mother in law's can be difficult. Keep in mind your hormones are acting against your mental thinking and your heart. Would you act like this or feel this way if you werent pregnant?<br />
Ive been down the saaame road. <br />
<br />
You need to tell your husband. Whether through a note, or a quiet away mini vacation or dinner. Either way you need to NOT "nag" (i hate that word) and not accuse, you need to have a kind tone and open heart to his feelings after all, it IS his mother. <br />
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See how he feels about it all, and then discuss how you feel, if he shows any signs that he doesnt want to hear any more, drop it. Otherwise, you two will be at war, and that's the last thing you need.

Just tell him. If you don't say anything you are going to be MISERABLE at the most exhausting/wonderful time of your life.