The Witch Leaves On Monday

So, as I have posted MIL moved in shortly after my husband and I purchased our home.  She was supposed to be here for a month, we are currently at 3.5 months.  She has been abusive of everything in my house, given no money for food, utilities, etc.  Her cat is ******* all over the third floor of my house, where she has been residing.  She is staying with us as she prepares to move to Ireland...taking her cat with her, which is what has been the problem.  There is a new VERY particular plan that people from the US can do to avoid putting cats in quarantine when arriving in the UK.

So yesterday she went to her vet for one of he cat's final check-ups, and to have the USDA stamp her paperwork before making the 9 hour trip to the UK.  I am in the garden preparing the soil for a shade garden (I love gardening and it has been one of the only things the witch hasn't tainted for me yet).  And here is the interaction:

MIL: With an overly-dramatic sigh, "well, Woody can't come to Ireland with me".

Me: "Why not"?

MIL: "The vet made an error in with the rabies shot and now the six month process needs to start over again".

Me: "Well what are you going to do"?

MIL: "Well, it will cost me $250 to change my airplane ticket".

I must have given her the nastiest look because she quickly countered with...

MIL: "But I know you guys have things you need to do around the house, maybe I can fly to Ireland and you guys can watch Woody and ship him over to me when its done".

And that's where I lost it!!!

1. You have extended your date you were leaving three times already.  Which would be a slightly different story if you were contributing to the money WE are putting out for YOUR expenses.  We have been very accomodating of your needs.  We have not rushed you out or been rude to you, despite how much you **** me off.

2. It is not my problem your vet screwed up the process!  I don't have time to drive with YOUR cat all over Gods green earth to re-start this process to get him into the UK without a quarantine, as I said it was a six month process.  I work full-time, I am in school part time.  My husband has a full-time job, and he also has several guitar students that come to our house.  Not to mention all of the work we are in the middle of doing as we just purchased our home 3.5 months ago!

3. Your cat is ******* all over my third floor.  So if he stays here he needs to stay up there and I have to continue to keep your pissy cat separated from my three cats.  I have to listen to your cat cry for the attention we won't be able to give it(I am a major animal lover, but three cats is more than enough).  And I still don't have the use of my third floor which is supposed to be our bedroom.  If I let your pissy cat down, I have to deal with the resulting issue of introducing new cats to each other...all while you are relaxing in Ireland.  I have to deal with the possibility of your cat ******* all over my house.  And then do my cats start ******* all over my house, which they don't do now?  Your cat leaves and I am still stuck with three cats ******* in my house, on my brand new rugs and furniture.

4. In short.  You have done nothing but abuse anything my husband and I have to offer.  You eat my food daily with no monetary contributions.  You take excessively long showers, over-use the hot-water in the washing machine.  You broke my sink, woodtrim on the third floor, and most recently my window.  You **** with the heat all day and night, my oil usage is OUT OF CONTROL...but no help from you.  I am smacked in the face with the smell of cat **** when I go up to the third floor.  But despite all of this, I have been nice, not rude. 

But my foot is down, you are GONE on Monday.  So you have three days to make arrangements for you and your cat!

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1 Response Mar 13, 2009

Well done , don't back down ,people will often see your kindness as a weakness .. Oh I would give her a bill for utilities and food , you have come this far, don't stop half way :-)