Family Brunch...need to Vent.

We had our wedding reception a few weekends ago. My family is from out of town, his family is local. MIL offers to have a brunch for my parents the day after the reception to open our gifts, and my husbands dad and step-mom (she is his mother...father and her divorced, and father has re-married). I give her credit for hosting...but she did a real crappy job of it.

A little history for you: My family is like the Cleavers. We have manners, we are social, we were brought up the be well-behaved and well-spoken children. The value of putting others before yourself has been instilled in me since I was young. My husband's family is like the dysfunctional Beverly Hillbillies. Mother verbally abused the children and left them alone when they were young. She did not teach them any life skills. She will straight up admit it it's something to be proud of. She is an old bitter hippie. There is no sense of normalcy or love in that family. My husband is the exception...thank God he was in the military for seven years and got away from her! So it's basically East meets West in regards to our families.

So my husband and I arrive at her home for brunch. The place is a mess. She has crap looks like a garage sale threw up in her house. Ugh. So my husband and I take over...we put a leaf in the table (because she wasn't going to) and ask her if we can set it. It's hotter than hell outside, but she refuses to turn on the air conditioning because "she likes the windows open". She pulls out her Christmas dishes and says we can use them to set the table. Hubby and I look at one another like, OK...I guess Santa dinnerware is cool for a family brunch. She then puts out her random Christmas drink glasses that don't match...two of her drink glasses are Mason jars...she gave those to my parents. NOTE: I believe (as my hubby does) that if you are entertaining, and especially entertaining family, one should be prepared. 

The game plan for food was she was to make eggs, and sausage. My family was bringing oatmeal bread, his father's family was bringing fruit. MIL decides to buy a sack of bagels instead of making eggs and sausage. So we had bagels...on the Christmas dishes, for our brunch. We could have cooked up a better brunch ourselves at our house...since we really did set up (and clean up) our own brunch, we should have hosted. As a host, she did nothing.

She then made obnoxious comments when we were opening our gifts. Ugh, I wanted to throw something at her. It was very awkward for my parents, as she made no conversation with them...they would try and converse with her, but she would start rambling on about something totally off the subject and random. She's a nut job...I HATE going to her's SO awkward and strange. My family thinks she is a nut job too.

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be grateful that is all you had to put up with. You can have worse. just smile and from now on ask to host at your house or pay caters.