My Mother In Law Is Everything They Make Them Seem In the Movies.

My Husband and I got together on November 8th 2006.

My mother in law at the time wasn't so bad. But then she wouldnt let him see me So riding his bike was the only way he could commute in seeing me. (he was only 15 at the time) She wouldn't let him use the phone to talk to me, She was absolutely terrible. When I got pregnant with our now 5 month old son, She put on this "show" that she was there for me and later to find out she was 2-faced. Going behind my back complaining about me. Joe (my husband) Got arrested for something he didn't commit. He was sent to a behavorial program a month after we had gotten together he was there for 2 months, he was sent there because she lied to the police about an insident. That didn't even happen the way she put it. Then he got arrested a year and a half later, for something he didn't commit. ( i was present at the scene) and he was there for 3 weeks. On August 25th. He got sent to a Behavorial Program (under the circumstances of the charge he was under when he got arrested) She didn't go visit him but twice. and the times she did, the only thing she did was complain about how bad of a mother and wife i am. Writing him obsene letters with nothing but lies, and even to the extent of talking him into a divorce. I have also heard rumors that she is trying to get DCF (department of children and families) To take my son away out of my custody for just the reason that she doesn't like me. And of course she has gotten the benefit of persuading his ENTIRE family in downgrading me and everything i do. I've tried to be everything from nice to helpful and nothing i do with be good enough. I'm so stuck.


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If she's lied about him then chances are he knows she's lying about you also. Just stay away from her. She cant get your child taken away from you just because she doesn't like you. Just keep doing good with your son and there's not much she can do.