MIL Is a Pain In the B. U. T. T.

I'm quite sure I'm not alone in this, but I'll share a little of the story. I have only been married for about four months, and I already would love to burn my MIL at the stake while I watched and ate popcorn. This woman, like apparently a lot of them seem to be is pure evil. It all started with the ring. I met my DH in college 5 years ago. Although both of us were taken, we still enjoyed each other's company and loved being able to share stories about life or school. He was very comfortable to talk to. Fast forward through the years, and my DH is about to leave the state to study for his Masters, and he wants to hang out and see me before he leaves. Long story short, he never left-lol. While only dating, we try to have something do with his family, since, that's what family does right? Keep in mind, my hubby is the oldest of 4, the other 3 are triplets. The Wicked Witch-who was nice as pie before- is divorced.  SO her wonderful story she gets to tell everyone is she's a single hard working mother of triplets who does what she can to get by, never mind the fact that she gets A LOT of child support and alimony from my FIL ( who is the nicest person ever) She enjoys her free ride and still ******* b/c there isn't enough money to go to Disney World every year or out of the country on vacation. At the time, my hubby had been out on his own for 4 years. He had to get out because she played pyschological warfare and was abusive, and boy have I wished I'd known that sooner-lol. When my DH bought the ring, he was so excited, he wanted to show the family what it looked like. He took it to their house, and my MIL called everyone into the den to see it. Then, apparently, she went around the room asking what everyone thought of it, andwanted to make sure the triplets approved. They still didn't believe he was going to actually propose. HE DID!! So, bubbling over I want to go show my big soon to be family the ring not knowing they had already seen it. We head over to the house. Family Pow Wow is called once more, and MIL takes her place at the head, grills me about my life and what I plan to do, then the triplets tell me that the ring is ok, but he ex-fiancee's was even better, so he must have loved her more, and I'm just 2nd best. From then on, it was all-out war, and I just got married. She's said I'm a gold-digging *****, that I was prob. only getting married b/c I was pregnant with someone else's baby, she didn't come to the wedding, but she emails all the time one liners to my hubby. Things like, Hope you and ___stay warm...Love you, MOM ( YOU"VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!). Then, a few months ago, right after the honeymoon, dr.'s thought I was pregnant. Tests showed I wasn't and it must have been hormone fluctuation or imbalance. She informed my hubby that I prob. got rid of it, or that I wasn't fit to carry...then in the same email...she said she could sympathize with me b/c she had problems getting pregnant. The woman couldn't get preggers after trying for 2 months so she took fertility drugs and ended up with the 3 mistakes! So, I'm pretty sure I have a long road ahead. Glad to see fellow sufferers!!! 

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EESH! My condolences to you and your DH. It gets easier to take. Trust me.