So friends of ours are moving and they had a going away party the other night. I apparently got really drunk and decided to tell my husband over and over again that I hate his mom! Good news though, since I found this site and started reading stories I've been sharing some with my husband. When I wrote my story I read the response I got back to him. My husband has become VERY understanding and supportive since then. They came this past weekend and he made sure they respected every one of the rules I made for our house. One thing that did make me mad when they were here was: I got up before everyone and noticed their keys sitting on my counter, one of the keys on the key chain looked like mine. So sure enough when I used it on my door it was my house key! I took it back of course. We've had 2 vehicles since we've been married that came with 2 sets of keys, each vehicle we've managed to lose a set. Well I'm thinking since they had the house key they must know where our vehicle keys are too. My husband also thinks this.

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Congrats on your hubby for being on your side. My inlaws are now 'outlaws' and are not even welcome to come onto my property. I have a lot of stories about my 'outlaws' and all the ridiculous things I have had to deal with. My 'outlaws' feel they do no wrong and they think they can tell me who I can and can't talk to, who or what I can say to my own friends and that I am the evil one by telling people the truth of what they did while living with us. <br />
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If you found your housekey on their key-ring then I am pretty sure they have your car keys too. It is amazing the things in-laws do to us to have some kind of control or whatever. They will never change and if they do then I am envious because mine will never change and they are great at claiming to be victims....Good luck and don't forget to give your hubby lots of hugs for being on your side and that is how it should be...

How can in-laws overstep boundaries and do such a thing? That is a complete invasion of privacy.<br />
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For what other reasons do you hate your MIL?<br />
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...and yes, well done on telling the hubby your feelings.

first off good job and stating how you feel next step i would take if were you is ask them if they and key to the cars sometimes inlaws can over step. maybe next time they will respect your space.