What Else Can I Say?

My mother in law is an *******. There is just not other way to put it. She drives me friggin crazy. She mentally and verbally abused my husband his entire life and she hates me because once we got together he grew a spine and is no longer her doormat. We have to do our "duty" every few months and drive three states away to visit them. (Father in law just as bad by the way) How did such messed up parents raise such a selfless, kindhearted son I'll never know. I'm always as polite as can be but have you ever been around people who literally suck the life right out of you. I think they might be vampires. Oh yeah they're also "fake" religious. You know the kind of people who are cruel but go to church (late) on Sunday and think that that makes them righteous. Uggh.

Wow I feel better...

KatMcD KatMcD
3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

I can't tell you what a relief it is to know other people get it! Thanks guys.

wow that really sound lie my mother in law

KatmcD, WOW, I completely understand your situation (minus driving across state) and sympathize with you 120%!!! Isn't it amazing what sharing your story and seeing how many other people are in your same boat can do? The ones who are Fake religious are the worst. They like to quote scripture at you for everything, and if you do something that's wrong in their book, watch out, you'll get a sermon. And the whole entire time they are 10 times worse. Going to church, acting like the perfect Christian, and prob. everyone thinks she is this great person- When in fact you probably want to "crucify" her-lol. Hang in there. I just gave up. When I had to actually talk to the MIL, I would plaster a smile on my face and hum lyrics in my head so she didn't make me madder.