She's Truly Insane!

Because I could seriously write a whole book about this woman and the crazy things she does on a daily basis, I will just list some of the "recent" episodes to keep it simple.

She needs to be the center of attention at all times.  Yesterday was my daughter's 3rd birthday and my MIL had to constantly steal the spotlight from my daugther, or she would "pout".  She lied to everyone who came and said that she had done everything for the party including the food and decorations.  She didn't lift a finger or pay a red cent for anything.

A week ago, she snuck into our house and "cleaned".   Which reallyl means she snooped and moved our  appliances around to the way that she thinks they should be.

Once, when our washing machine was broken we had to do our laundry at her house every week.  She actually "stole" some of my clothes and then a couple of weeks later gave them back to me as "wrapped gifts" saying that she thought that I would like them. 

I had once bought a necklace for myself at a Macy's and it had fallen out of my purse in her house while I was there.  She picks it up and says that it must be one of her girlfriend's.  I told her, no, it's mine.  She completely ignores me and then calls up 3 of her friends that had been there that day and asks them all if they were missing a necklace.  I was so pissed I finally just snatched it out of her hand and left without saying a word to her.  (And now I have to admit, that I wear it everytime I know I'm going to see her and watch her just stare at it while she secretly believes I'm some nasty thief!)

The funny thing is that she always acts like she just "adores" me to my face and in front of other people.  So nobody really understands why I have a problem with this woman. 

Oh well - I just feel lucky in that my husband totally believes me and knows the truth about his whacked-out mother.

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I can totally understand where you are all coming from. I'm stuck living in a ba<x>sement apartment so my wife can take care of her mom. This woman is from the pit. Always having to be the center of attention, interfering when we discipline our kids, and on top of it all she is a hoarder. You are fortunate to have your spouses on your side. My wife still doesn't see it yet.

I have to reply to this, I just have too. I think our MIL are the same person. My MIL has tormented me for years. And I mean years. She conveniently forgets the things she says and does to save face with her son. My husband was slapped in the face when we went through a rough patch 8 years into our marriage. She recommended to him to leave me, take our son, and cross State lines with him, she actually stated she never liked me anyway. My husband was shocked. For 8 years I had been telling him about the crap she dished out behind his back, he never believed me. How could his sweet caring mother ever say those things. Well he knows now. She even went as far as to cry to my sister-n-law about how she could not imagine what she could have done to to make me feel this way. After she said those things point blank to my husband. Let me tell you- she is crazy. We have been married 19 years now, she still pulls passive agressive stuff every chance she gets. She did it today. My husband's uncle is not doing well, so she sends everyone in the family an update via email, but me. My husband says, she didn't have my email. Really? Well she also called his cell phone while he is at home to update his uncles condition. Did she forget our home phone too? we have lived here for 8 years. I think not. I will tell you these tendencies never go away. So stick up for yourself. Your mil is never gonna like you anyway, so at least don't let her walk all over you. I finally had enough when I was pregnant. Hormones raging, exhausted, she decided to be very ugly to me in my kitchen(my husband conveniently at work), I told her I had enough, and I walked out. My father-n-law grabs me by the arm and says, "you don't want to **** her off, she can be really mean if you **** her off." Honey, I took one look at him, snatched my arm loose, and said, " you both can sit on my front porch to you apologize, and that's how it works in my house, I'll be damn if you are going to be rude to me in my own house." They left and did not stay at my house again, for 6-8 years. That is a true story. Do the right thing, Stand up for yourself when it matters and throw the rest in the trash where it belongs. !! good luck.

Yes - I don't know what I'd do if he didn't stand by me. I think it's because he lived away from his mother for 11 years before moving back to the same neighborhood. When he came home, it was obvious to us that the woman was not playing with a full deck. It's just really confusing for him because she does the guilt-trip thing on him all of the time.

I feel for you. Atleast your hubby stands beside you and believes in you.