AN Entity From Hell!!!

Hi all,

I am a newlywed and I have something to share about my experience with my MIL. I hate her from my guts. I recently got married i.e. about a couple of months back. I live in the UK but was in India with my in laws for about 15 days. Those 15 days, were days of hell. My husband's attitude towrds me had also changed a lot. He would only listen to my MIL. My MIL is a very cunning woman. I think she never liked me.

After the first night, I havent had time to spk to my husband coz she would make us sit in front of her and keep blabbering for about 2.00am. The only time I use to be wid my husband was the night, but even that time was taken away from me by my MIL. She didnt even send us for our honeymoon and niether did my husband bother to go for it. It was love marriage and I know my husband that he would never speak anything against my MIL and so didnt argue. As I said she id very cunning,she would not say anything against me in front of anyone. Even to my husbnd she would show that she really cares for me.

Once, I had fever and was not well. (I think it was all due to the mental stress i was experiencing). In front of my husband she gave me medicines and rub balm on my forehead. But as my husband was not around she made me work in the kitchen and kept on taunting that if it was her in my place she wouldnt have had told her MIL anything about the illness unless it was unbearable. I didnt say anything. I kept mum because of my mom as she advised me that i have to consider my MIL as my mum and never argue with her.

For the first nine days after my wedding when some guests were still there at my in-laws she didnt let me do anything in the kitchen and as soon as they left she made me work in the kitchen like hell...She is a real HITLER...really, i cross my heart...She never allowed me n my husband to go out together. She never allowed me to accept any dinner invitations from my relatives untill I went against her and accepted one. She tortured me through the core but even then I kept mum.....I had no one to talk parents, my husband, my brother everyone says the same thing ' she is your MIL and you cannot go against her' none of them supports me.

A good thing is that at present she is miles away but she stilll drives me crazy...the we left for UK she went to my mums place and complained about me saying that i dont respect anyone. I dont have manners, i dont leave my husband for a minute and she thinks taht I am not good enough for her son. My mum couldnt say a word against her as she is my MIL. But my mom is now suffering from heart problems due to emotional stress.

I dont know whether should I tell her upfront about whats happening or should I just forget about it. Please help...need an advice...


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thanks sooo much for ur comments....appreciate it!!!

My MIL use to be very nice to me when others were around, and then turn less nice when we were alone. Eventually she started to be nasty and rude in front of others and now it is the norm. I think your MIL will do exactly the same. You have to speak up! Talk to your husband and talk to your mom! You need support from those who love you.

You have to confront is logical that you want to be with your husband all the time, you are should speak with your husband, never keep anything inside, you have to talk, do it in a way that makes him see your point of view, tactfully, but if he really loves you, he will definitely put you first.<br />
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Good luck