When Will the Drama Be Over....

It has been now 3 weeks since my MIL & SIL have moved out. Yes hubby has still some contact with his sister, which is fine I thought til this past weekend....We have some dear friends in CA and my husband's best friend was turning 40 so we made a fast road trip this past weekend to celebrate. We left on a Thursday night and I ended up driving 13 of the 15 hour drive. which is fine by me because I really don't like my husband's driving, he is allover in the lane and claiming he is fine when he really was nodding off. Plus my husband has sleep apnea, so whatever little sleep or naps he gets does not help. We are working on getting him on a breathing machine. So anyway while we were visiting one set of friends, my teens were playing with their teens on the computer, checking out each other's myspace page. Well my son who is 15 saw that his aunt/ my SIL had posted " 3 weeks of peace and good riddence to the *****" well of course she meant me. Well my kids didn't tell me til the next day when we were at breakfast with my parents, so hubby got a little upset and wanted to see for himself. Well I was like that ungrateful fat B****!! All that I have done for her and his mom......Well I had to leave the table and building and go outside to mellow out. We got to my parents house and my son told my hubby his password and showed my husband the post. Well lets just say my mellow/passive husband got pissed fast. He called his sis and left a nasty message and how he didn't appreciate her posting that when our teens can see and how ungrateful she is and to call him back if she dared. Well it ended up being a outside conference conversation between my husband and his mom & sis, and I mean outside because my husband was pacing in the court while loudly talking to his family. Hubby is so tired of his mom & sis playing the victim role when they are the ones continually putting them in the situation. Now I am considered the horrible liar and their dogs never had any accidents in my house and I am not allowed to talk to my friends about them and that I definitely am not to talk to their family about the 'supposed' things that they did wrong to us. But it is ok for them to talk about me how ever they want like they already have been doing for  the 17 years I have been with my husband.

The funny thing is they had been gone for 2 weeks when we received the electrical bill and it had already dropped $60 and we were still having the single digit snow weather.

So during phone call his mom & sis were playing victim and his sis was still claiming we were being petty about having them turn off lights all the time since they were not in the rooms  and we know it wasn't our kids leaving lights on because it got to the point our kids would hang with us wherever we were. There were times when me & my kids would come home and all the lights were on and MIL was in her room watching TV. All I have to say it GOOD F****** RIDDANCE!!! and hope she never comes back. I might have to get my shotgun out.....I would NOT really shoot her but I would love to get my hands on the rocksalt filled shells and possibly shoot in her direction scattering the rocksalt...LOL like in the old westerns. If I had money I would put an electrical fence up...LOL Anyway I am so tired of MIL and her "poor me" attitude. Thank god my husband sees her for who she really is, over critical, controller, engulfer and a wanna-be perfectionist.

Sadly I have seen MIL in Walmart since she has moved out and Nope I sure in Hell did not speak to her...I just wish they would either move farther away so I can shop at any store without the possibility of running into them or they move the Hell out of my state.....Yeah I know I don't own Montana but sheesh I lived here first.....LOL

Have a great day!!

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What I have done is just not go anywhere near them and don't let them near you. Take what they say with a grain of salt...I am just like 'OK, whatever or that's nice, and I walk away or change the subject. I just stay clear from the 'negative' Inlaws. I do have to admit that there are some really good inlaws in husband's family and I go hang out with them... Good luck, this is what I have done.

Ya know what my fiances sister is a piece of work herself. Must get it from his ma. Crazy B****es. Good riddance and congrats to you. I am working on trying to find a way to get over the negativity that they have spread in my life. If you have any suggestions I am open for them.