Where do I start, I was looking forways to cope with inlaws online and came apon this website,hahahaha,wow we are all going through this. My mother inlaw didnt like me from the very begining. Her son is the black sheep of the family for some weird reason. His brothers are number one in his parents eyes and he is treatd like a dog,I had to fall inlove with the black sheep. In my eyes he is the greatest and thats all that matters. We have come a long way though we got together when I was 16 and he was 18. We married when I was 20, and we have 2 children together I am 30 now and still am trying to cope with her. She is very bizzare. One of my sister inlaws loves the way I get treated by this MIL of mine. My sisterinlaw tries to be number 1 and takes my min everywhere shopping, holidays ect, funny   thing about that one is my sisterinlaw had a $20 thousand dollar credit card and spent the lot only to come to the realization she couldnt pay it off and my MIL  payed it off for her. Funny that . When me and my husband first started dating back when I was 16 His mother (and father and 2 brothers) found it really strange that I was apart of a christian family and really made me feel like I was weired . I started believing that maybe I am weired and forgot about the christian religion. When my sister inlaw came along about 4 years later her mother was religious to, she was a catholic (christian same thing) , to them there is a big difference between catholics and christians. Well now that my sisterinlaws mother is religious MIL for some reason accepts  religion and thinks the sun shines out of their a** , 4 years ago my inlaws all said they didnt believe in a god, and now god is the greatsest thing since sliced bread. Funny that. Whenever my MIL comes over to our home she never sits down she always stands , she stays here for about10  min and leaves. My house is not dirty at all she just does this to me and I find it really bizarre. If she goes to my sisterinlaws house she stays there for half the fu***** day.  I love people and I can talk to anyone so I find it really pathetic that she does this to me. When I started work after my youngest child went to kindergarten MIL didnt like my job that I had decided to do. I wanted to become a chef/cook . She hated it so much that I wanted to be a chef/cook so did my sisterinlaws. My sisterinlaws never asked me aout my job that I had in a restuant even though it was something that I really was enjoying at the time and I wanted a career I done this type of work for over a year and seen them on many occasions ( Birthdys Easter Christmas ) but they never asked how my job was.. ever??.My job started getting a bit to much in the way of my family life, kids hubby ect and I decidedI would leave it on hold for a while and start doing something a little more different, something which I ould be round my kids and hubby more. My mum was a carer and I asked her if she could find me an work where she was and she did.....well MIL didntthink I should be doing that type of work either. OHHHHHH DEAR!! . When I feel pregnant with my son I was unmarried and I was 19 , she called me a ***** as soon as my husband and I told her I was pregnant, then she came and gave me a hug about an hour after she had finished crying in her bedroom. Funny that. Ohh by the way my son is 11 now and he is the most coolest, sweetest loving child I could have ever wanted. hmmmmmm what else has she done .MIN tol my sisterinlaws that I shouldnt have any more babies because she think I suffer with postnatal depression. LOL  I may have been sleep deprived none of her busness or theres . My aunties told me they thought my husband and his brothers were allgoolooking blokes, nice complement hey. My mother inlaw told my sisterinlaws and my sisterinlaw with the halo round her fathead told me that she knew what my aunties had said and that she wants them to know her husband is very happily married. OMG they dont want to jump in bed with him they just gave copliments.I could go on.

tiredanfedup tiredanfedup
26-30, F
Mar 25, 2009