Now Mil Is Really Playing Victim

Oh boy, MIL showed up at hubby's work today to hand him an envelope. His mom had a serious frown on her face and just said to him here is your money and then she drove off. Ok so hubby was talking to me on his cell when this happened and so he pulled over and opened the envelope. LOL There was a letter in it and a cashier's check for $40......what a joke. The $40 was for the electricity her stupid mini fridge supposedly used so she finally paid us but still will never see the $1000 that she had promised us. Oh well like I had said before good F****** Riddance!! We don't need her poor me attitude and she claims to always be a victim. WAAAHHHH She will be 61 this year....And she will only have her youngest daughter to celebrate it with her. LOL Yes I am heartless and cold and I am keeping my kids away from her destructive behavior. My kids are so tired of her and her attitude. Oh her excuse for not giving us the $1000 is because we never treated her like a human being so all that we did by letting her live with us and me letting her have all her **** in my house was not good enough. What a old fat hag......You just can not help people like her. I am just a big bad meany.... Oh well at least there is peace in my house again and her ugly stuff is out of my house forever....

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

My to-be mil called the cops on my fiancee because he yelled at her for invading our privacy one too many times. She told the cops that I dont pay rent, I have lived there for 2 1/2 years and pay over $300 a month and have since the 2nd month I was there. So I moved out. Now she is whining about how much more bills cost... serves her right!