I Know My Mil Do Not Like Me

It's not that I hate her. It's that I can't deal with her. She only sees that she is right about everything. She loves her son (yes) but she needs to back up alot. We used to be alright, always laughed and talked. She was  almost a perfect MIL. Until her son took my side for something petty. She felt she was right. She wasn't I was. My MIL didn't like that one bit. Every since that day she has treated me differently. That is fine with me because I have a mother. I love and cherish my mom. I deal with my MIL because of my husband. I have told her this as well as him. I know that she wants me out of the picture or at least minimized. This would definitely benefit her. Therefore I choose not to really say how I completely feel about her and her husband.She is the most back stabbing, manipulative, fake, conniving, lying, stressful, evil ***** that I have ever met. If I could go back and do it all over. I would of still married my husband but kept our relationship afar. I don't like her actions. I don't like the situations that she constantly put me in. Every holiday begans and ends with words of (wisdom) as I like to tell myself. There is so much arguing and hate. I am not her daughter. I don't call either of them MOM or DAD. I never will. If I had parents like them I would of killed the relationship with them. Some how, one day I will figure this all out and respond to her with love. I like to kill people with my kindness. She however is an exception to that saying. Maybe someone out there can respond to this with my 7 year old questions. WHEN,WHAT,WHERE AND HOW. I didn't add WHY because I already know that. It's not because of me.. It's because of him!! My MIL is really the She Devil. There is no lying about that. 
1andonly 1andonly
26-30, F
Aug 21, 2007