Uggh I Hate Her

hi im 29 years old and ive been married to same guy for 8 years. we have 2 wonderful children  together. when we 1st met his whole family liked me, took me under their wing and made me feel like i was part of them. then me and his sister had a serious argument and it turned serious and it led to a physical altercation. we made up. so as time goes on i start working full time, we agree to pay his mom $150 a week to keep the kids because we both have full time jobs. one day on my way to work i call his mom to see if she would be home to get the kids her response was ill get there when i ******* get there which led to a large argument which stopped me from letting her keep the kids. my problem is im so angry with her that it has turned into rage to where just to know that she has called my husband makes me so angry to hear him talk about her makes steam come out of my ears. its like i literally hate her. my question is how can i get over the fact that that is his mother and hes never gona cut off ties with her which i would love. how could i not worry about her when im at work its to the point im working and all my thoughts are i hope he havent talked to his mom how can i get her out the picture. how can i focus more on myself instead of her

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1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Hi Me2, I think that coming to this forum will help alleviate some of the anger. It's always a good way to blow off steam. Your last sentence said it all. You need to focus more on you, and try hard to let go of the anger (trust me, I know it's hard!) I too have a MIL from hell and the anger I felt towards her would sometimes pre-occupy me to the point of distraction. <br />
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Over time, I have come to feel really sorry for the woman, and it has totally changed the way that I feel about her. Now, she is more of an occasional source of irritation and stress (thank goodness the holidays are over!!). I only "hate" her when I'm around her for more than 20 minutes or when she forces me to go shopping with her. <br />
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Be completely honest with your husband, but definitely don't try to interfere with his relationship with her. Tell him that you just can't handle the stress she causes you, but that you won't keep him from talking to her, spending time with her, etc. This way, he will be more willing to respect your interests when it comes to his family. <br />
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Hope that helps some. I can only say that it's worked for me. Take care!