I Don't Hate Her. I Have Animosity Towards Her.

I live with my boyfriend and his mother. We moved in two years ago after I had my first child because my parents had some sort of issue with him coming over. The reason we moved in with his mom is because we didn't have money saved to get our own place and we figured we would move out at tax return in 2008. He lost his job so that didn't happen so we are still here.

Now, here's the situation. His mother is obese. Because she is obese, she is on disability. She even has admitted to me that she did this to herself. It was some sort of control issue that she had because of her husband so she just stuffed her face until she couldn't move, I guess. Now she is over 350 pounds. She can walk, just very slow and with a cane, and I swear to you this woman can do more than she does. Before we moved in, she was living alone so I know she was cooking for herself and driving and what-not.

Anyway, since we moved in, she has me do EVERYTHING. I cook for her, clean for her, take her to her doctor's appointments (yet she can drive), go to the store for her, and all kinds of other bullshit that's not even worth mentioning. She claims that she "can't" do it but yet she has before. I've seen her do it. This woman has moved a refrigerator on her own! Anyway, she keeps talking about how "when her legs get smaller" she's going to do this and that and yadda, yadda. She did have liposuction on her legs but I don't think that she understands that she has to eat right and move around in order for it to help! She literally lays in bed all day, I am not kidding you.

She eats McDonald's on a regular basis (if not 3 times a week), she drinks 3 large sweet teas from McD's everyday, she eats pizza, potato chips, potato skins, chicken nuggets, twinkies, and all kinds of JUNK yet she still purchases diet soda. I don't understand why she thinks she is ever going to be healthy when all she does is eat, lay in bed, complain, and sit on the computer. I'm tired of doing **** for her. I am really tired of it. She needs to start driving her own car, stop putting gas in mine and expecting me to take her everywhere, and she needs to start being independent.

What she doesn't know is that my boyfriend and I have been talking about moving out really soon on the down-low. We're going to start saving money since we both have steady incomes now and hopefully get a place within the next 6 months to a year. I hope she doesn't expect us to drive down here everyday and help her clean and cook and do all that. It's about time this woman grows up, fends for herself, and learns to take care of herself if she expects to live on her own. She complains about being put in a nursing home but what she doesn't understand is that in these past two years that she's sat in bed and done nothing, she could have been up moving, getting ready for surgery, and she could be up moving now, losing the weight. But she's too lazy and dependent on everyone to do anything.

And apparently it's been pretty bad since her kids were little too...

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2 Responses Jun 4, 2009

I think she needs to start helping herself but I do feel for her on one thing. When you're that big it's embarrasing to go into public mostly because of punk *** teenagers. Instead of degrading her help her. And by that I mean stop enabling her. Stop doing the stuff for her she needs to get up and do it herself.

Thank goodness you guys are in a position to move out soon!!! Move out and never look back! My MIL lives with me, and although she's not obese, she's as lazy as your MIL. She lays around all day and watches tv, and reads. I'm planning to kick my MIL out sometime this year--I just need to strategize. Anyways, I feel your pain. My MIL does nothing to help around the house, and it drives me nuts that she can sit around all day and do nothing!!!! What's wrong with these women??