The Big-fat-pig-slob

seriously. most people think she's endearing. she lives with us but she needs to be in a nursing home. she has so many medical problems and always asks me what is this and what can i do about that? she seriously needs to be somewhere where she can get those questions answered. she "falls". but she weighs over 200lbs and noone can help her up. so her sons have to stand there and watch her wiggle her way across the floor to get to a place where she can get up. a lot of her problems would get better if she would walk. she's too lazy. she wants to be able to take a pill and make everything alright. shes so lazy that she puts her garbage (bananna peels, tops off strawberries, empty wrappers, the papers her diabetic syringes come in, etc.) in the sink when she had to walk right past the trash can to get back to the couch. she sleeps on the couch and has for about 3 years. she has a bed. when people do come over, not very often, ther is no place for them to sit because her crap is in all the chairs or covering the couch.she is only66. my kids hate her. they are older with family of their own. we just recently went to see one of my sons that i hadn't seen in a couple of years. about 200 miles away. i told her that it would be late the next night before we would be back. her other son( not the one im married to) was to come over to check on her, and he did. she called me the first night to say that there were bad storms in the area and that if a tornado came thru and killed her, we would know what happened. i asked her if ashe wanted me to call the other son to come get her, ( he lives 10 min. away) she said no, she didn't want him to have to get the kids out. but she wanted us to drive 200 miles back, in a storm, because she was scared. the next day about 3pm she called and asked where we were. i told her we hadnt left yet and that i would call her when we did. she said she thought we might have already left and forgot to call. i reminded her that i had said it would be late. anyway, she called again about 8pm to say the storms were back. we didnt change our plans. it was about 1am when we left. it really burned me up because she knew that i hadnt seen my son for a long time. we work 5 miles away. my husband is 50 yrs old. he still has to call home to let her know that we got there ok. oh, i am invisible unless she wants something. her family knows how she is.her brother, a preacher, doesnt want to be bothered by the situation so that just leaves my husband and his brother. the brother has basically said hedont want to deal with it either. i am so fed up. if anyone said anything to her about going into a nursing home, i can just imagine the hell there would be to pay. she is so manulipulative it is unreal.a lot of the stuff she does is faking. the family knows this but we are the ones that get to sit in the er with her at least 3 times a month. thats down from every saturday. the er doctors finally told her they couldnt find anything wrong with her and to go home and take a tylenol. OMG i laughed.  

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I just read your post and I just thought I should let you know, I am working on a new documentary style TV show about families dealing with the types of issues you describe here. It will be airing on a major cable network this coming Spring/Summer. ba<x>sed on what you've written I think your family could really benefit from participating. It's a really positive show that aims to bring families closer together! I would love hear more about what your dealing with and tell you more about this new series. <br />
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i am so sorry to here that i have the same problem but its my girlfriends mother she acts like a 5 year old and sometimes i get the urge to slap the **** out of her and she waits for us to cook and at night shell come out of her cave i call the couch her cave because she hibernates during the day time and wakes up when she smells food and want her damb pop and she wont drink anything but royal cola so i by everything besides that. we went on a 2 day vacation and came back she decided to cook on our pans that were nonstick she decided she wanted to poke her meat to see if it was done she checked it 2000 times by pircieng through watever she was cooking straight to the pans lets just say i thought of checking if the pots were non-stick by hitting her with it to see if her face would slide off. also if your out does she ruin everything and you swear on everything you love that when you get home you will shove the phone where the sun doesnt shine so everytime she burbs the phone makes a phone call. sorry about the long story but i read yours and i just had to write even if i wanted to stop more and more things come to my head like how she says she showers but that only happens once a blue moon and im not being sarcastic and that only takes like 2 minutes enough to wet herself my dog took more shower than she does i think i would rather have a 200 pound pig living with me at least i can put it on a treadmill and throw him in the shower and leave him in there. if only they sold quarintine rooms i would sell my guns and buy one. she has got to be the only person in this world that can act as a carrier for bed bugs no lie but she came in the room sat on the bed and my girlfriend got bit within 5 minutes and when she left its like the bug left because she didnt get bit again i guess you can call her the bug bus.

ok. i did it. i told her she needs to move back into her bedroom out of the livingroom off the couch. she needs to take all her crap with her like her underwear. anyway, she was upset and called the other son, of course he said the same thing i did.anyway, noone loves her, we all want her dead. i knew that was coming. anyway, i'm sure its not over. we'll see.

here's an update.. its been hitting the fan for a couple of days now. her doctor changed one of her meds and one of the POSSIBLE sideeffects is weight gain. so she says she isnt going to take because she doesnt want to get fat, oops, too late. anyway doc told her that he cant make her take it, wouldnt give her anything else. so, she tells me this. i told her that she's an adult, take it or dont. well, she decides to try to kill herself by taking some of her nerve pills. it wasnt enough to do any real harm, but she has threatened this before, so we took her to the ER. they didnt pump her stomach or anything like that, just watched her to make sure she was going to be ok. they called the local mental place and had them come talk to her then we brought her home. she had to go see the mental people this morning. while we were at the hospital, i told her she needed a spanking, which is what my sister-in-law had i figure that if shes going to act like a kid then tomorrow, i'm going to start treating her like one. by that i mean that we are going to clean up the livingroom, (there is old cereal stains cereal still there, on the couch, her clothes lying everywhere, dirty or not, underwear, everything,bowls of spoiled milk under the pillow where she sleeps on the couch, that kind of thing) you cant sit down in there without having to move a bunch of crap, anyway, i'm going to tell her that there is nothing wrong with her bed, and she can sleep there. hubby behind me all the way. he's sick of it.i'll let you know what happens.

yes, she was a baby, the dad was a drunk truck driver, never home. as my hubby talks about his childhood,rarely, i realize that the neighborhood raised him. he and his brother would be invited to eat at a neighbors house so they would call home to let mother know and she would tell them to bring her a plate home! can you believe that crap?

damn his mother was 16 when she had him its her baby she never grew up thats why shes acting like a baby. should have kept her legs closed.