SHE Has Turned My Wedding Day Into Hers!

My fiance and i met in college and fell in love. We moved in together shortly after we met. My fiance hardly ever talked to me about his family only saying that he was raised by his single parent mother and that he was an only child. He met my large family right away and my family adored him.

It wasn't until thanksgiving that I finally met his mother. The entire holiday weekend she ignored me, like I didn't exist. I tired to make conversation with but all she wanted to do is cuddle and talk to her baby boy. The only time she even sat next to me was when she brought out the huge book of pictures of her baby boy growing up. The way she looked at me when we left told me that we could never be friends.

My fiance and I lived in a different state than my mother in law and we loved it. She would call him almost every night to tell him how her day went and to complain about her life. My mother in law loves to talk about herself. Then she would text him in the mornings to tell him to drive safe. After a while the calling started to drive me crazy. She started to call more often to talk to him because she felt that they we not close enough. My fiance quit answering the phone. She blamed his annoyance with her on me.

She wanted us to moved close to her so she could be with her baby boy. We refused so she would drive to our state where we lived just to say hi. I tried to be nice and think that her obsession with her son is because she is a lonely person. One time when she came down to visit we took her to meet my family. My fiance told me before that she was a little racist but I didn't think anything of it. Lets just say she was suprised to find out that her son was dating a half balck girl. She was very rude to my family. Then after we left she said "We still love you even though your a mutt." that made me very angry but I didnt say anything.

Then in january my fiance loss his job and it was really hard to find another one wherewe lived. His mother told us to move in with her and we could just look for jobs and pay off the rest of our bills. She said we would stay there free for at least 6 months wewouldn't have to worry about anything. Having no where else to turn to we did.

The only money we had was our tax money and we were saving it for a deposit on a new apartment when we found jobs. Shorty after we moved in she started to ask us for money so she could go to the bar and for make up and all this crap.Then we started paying the phone bill and puttinggas in her car. Then we find out from the landlord that she hasn't payed rent in five months and she owes him 1600. then we find out that she hasnt been paying on her car and they want to repo it. We find out from her friends the reason she wanted us to move in with her wasto help her catch up on her bills. 

By this time my fiance and his mother were fghting. We were doing all the chores around the house paying her bills and ours with our tax money. We were also buying all the groceries and puttting gas in the cars. After two months we had no jobs and our tax money was gone. One night while i was doing dishes she was yelling at us but we were ignoring her s she slapped me. This was the second time she hit.


picklecrazy picklecrazy
Jun 24, 2009