After shaking me down for $1,050 the MIL returned to VZ. My hubby called her to make sure she arrived okay (she rarely calls at her own expense). When she got to the airport in VZ she could not find her suitcase. Apparently several other people could not find their suit cases either. A man approached her and said he would help her find it for a fee. She paid him about $15 to "find" her suitcase. Now I do not condone talking advantage of the elderly and that was definitely a nasty trick, but I really think it was karma. Also, she had to hire a driver to take her back to her apartment. Since her plane was delayed an hour he charged her for an extra hour. She was furious...again...karma? Actually I kind of feel guilty because I was secretly hoping someone would mug her, not injuring her of course, and take all the dollars we had given her.

I asked why her oldest son did not get her at the airport and my hubby said because it's too dangerous. Strange how her oldest son couldn't even be bothered. Of course he lives in VZ and really cannot escape her.

Not speaking the language has always been a big disadvantage for me and the hubby refuses to teach either me or our children. Funny when I first met her 20 years ago in VZ I remember her getting into a big fight with her oldest son and then everyone got quiet. Then, the silence was broken when her oldest sons son, who was about 10 at the time said, "esta loca." and he said it like he really meant it. Well, I understood that big time and it made so many things much clearer for me. You know she has always hated him since then. She never mentions the child. She ruined my evening over that incident and the hubby was all a rage.

Anyway, that is my rant fro the day.


MaryInFlorida MaryInFlorida
Jul 12, 2009