The Woman Is Trying to Make Me Insane...



UGh....where do I even begin.  I'm getting married this coming january to the most AMAZING man in the world.  He's kind, and giving, and he makes me smile....he's the exact opposite of his mother.  The woman is overbearing and domineering.  She's a total headcase.  She has an extreme case of OCD, and she can't seem to support herself.  My fiance and I had to move back in with her for several months because she is 55 and still cannot seem to support herself.  I have been making the womans mortgage payments for almost a year now, and since we've moved into our new home, she's been pestering us to move back in with her so she can keep him forever.

Whenever my future hubby isn't around she doesn't even acknowledge my presence, and she has, on more than one occasion refered to me as "that ***** who's stealing my baby."  It hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for us.  She then had the nerve to call my fiance and INFORM him that she would be throwing my bridal shower....without even consulting me or my MOH for that matter.  I don't know what to do with this woman.  Piece of work doesn't even begin to cut it. 

I have tried everything to win this woman's approval, but I'm in no way good enough in her eyes.  She goes out of her way to provoke me, and my nerves are all but shot.  She's going out of her way to drive and drive me up the wall, and guess what?  It's working.


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2 Responses Jul 17, 2009

You are too good to her, paying the mortgage. She should sell the house and downsize into an affordable apartment FAR AWAY FROM YOU TWO. Good luck with the wedding. Stick to your guns. gladdy

I totally know how you feel and I'm really sorry you're going through this too. My MIL scorns my husband and his youngest brother for joining the military and "leaving" her while his drug-addicted "in-and-out-of-prison" oldest brothers are perfect. She too interfered with my wedding by changing the location of it. You can't let her get to you (I know, its hard and there have been times I want to smack her in the face) and in fact, after he and I got married I just cut out all communication with her (except when I was forced to see her for family holidays, etc.) and it seems to be working fine (but we also live on the other side of the country and my husband barley speaks to her to begin with). Don't let her weird "reverse Oedipal" problem get you down. Just go about your business and ignore her and maybe have a sit down with you fiance and tell him what's been going on so he'll know for future why the two of you don't really get along. Good luck with your wedding and I hope things get better for you!