FIL From Hell

i hate my FIL so much. he is for ever putting me down in front of people and making me feel really small. i have put up with his rubbish for 2 years. i find it very hard to bite my tounge but i do for my partners sake. i have to put up with his demands all the time. his nothing but a bully. funny enough he only bullies women. he clicks his fingers as he walks through MY front door and say "TEA". i have to jump up and meet his demands and if there isnt enough milk in the tea i have to start over again. he is so rude! my baby brother is only 6 and my FIL makes coments in front of him as well as sticking his middle finger up at the both of us. thats is not the behaviour of a mature adult in my eyes. his even threatened to have me "DONE OVER"(his words) if i mess his son about. his even had the cheek to call me a money grabber. i work 12 hour shifts a day and i pay my way. my boyfriend works to and we pay half on every think. i wasn't allowed into the house for * months and his other sons girfriend walts right in within a week. that really made me mad. i  have never give him any reason to treat me this way. i have always been polite, i do the house work i dont go out clubbing so i dont understand where i went wrong. can you see? cause i would really like top know as it is getting really bad. i am not a family memeber  as he says. he tells his son to whip me in to shape. me and my partner have known each other 9 years and we now want a baby but i dont no wheather i could have a baby in this situation. we have our own house now and i really love him we are engaged but how can i marry this lovely man with a dad like this he would ruin my wedding. he calls me fat all the time and even shouts at me to get out of his house when i say hello. i think i could understand a little bit more if his dad dotted on his son but he doesn't he has no attention for any one the my fiance older brother. its very noticable and upsets my partner. i really want to get this problem sorted its taking over my life as we live just round the coner from them
higgzie higgzie
18-21, F
Sep 25, 2007