My Mother In Law Is Such a Fat Control Freak She Make Me See Red Every Time I Look At the Useless Peace of Humen Flesh She Is

Me an my miss reacently add ower 1st this time her mother the fat cow as come at me with comments time an time again..well when my son was born she was the 1st person to hold him an feed him im not a push over by the way but she get so nasty an says evil things that if i push to hard to put her in place she will end up throwin me out as i have moved in with them.wel anyway my son was born an while she is fukin about holdin him feedin him takin pic the nurses are tryin to so my missis **** up an the think is m.i.l is in there fukin way my missis ended up stayin in there 3 nites an i would of stayed with her every min of the day is that fat cow didnt take my place as the partner so there 4 the only times i got to see my new born son an missis was visitin times this as made me realise how sick my mother in law is so as i was at home an prayin things would be ok with my missis when ange came home i was confronted that i never wanted this child all because i spoke obout an abortion with my missis 2 week in as millions of other people do everyday an the fat cow decided to use this the nite b4 my missis come home she told me to move out witch i havant because i love my new born an missis so much i really put up with lots of **** durin the time my missis was in hospital an even 3 days of her bein out an home she is still givin me **** i think she wants to farther this childan i have got a lot more to come i am so so fukin angry that this is happenin to me that it as made me want to speak out im 26 year old good guy i dont let no 1 tell me what to do but in this case i got to becarfull how i handle it...she is so controlin over my missis that i no for a fact that if i tuck her girl an my son an moved out shre would pull some stupid **** to try an get her back i wont forget this an if we do end up movin out i will end up bannin the fat useless peace of **** from comin at least a fukin mile near me i really do hate this women for what she is doin an my missis is in the middle witch is stressin ower relationship an pushin it to the limits i dont want to lose my partner or my son but she is tryin her dam hardest to *** us up as i say i rote this 3 days in that my missis as been home with my son an i could count how many min i have holed him on both my hands an iv gave him 1 bottle an changed 1 nappy all because of this fat stupid fukin controlin ***** of a mother she as FUKIN GOT!!!!!!!!!!!!HATE HER SO MUCH

martin12claridge martin12claridge
Aug 23, 2009