Fake Mother In Law

Before me and husband got married me and his mom was close. I was close to her , because my mom lives out of town.She was the nicest women you ever want to meet (sike) His brother girl friend call her a b***h i was mad, at first cause i didn't know why.They were close to then all sudden the hated each other and her son didn't take up for his mother he toke his girlfriend side. Ok we got married in April of this year we was ok until she came to me one day and said she was jealous of me i didn't understand until she told me ,my son said i better not disrespect you cause she is my wife. I was shock , but i stood by my husband decision. So i would pick my stepson from the house she would say smart remarks to me trying me i would just ignore her( child est to me).  I'm pregnant now she said i have to many grandchildren already i don't care though. She got my husband drunk and sent him home for me to deal with him after i told everybody he can't drink cause he don't know his limited.I curse her out she tried to lie from this point on i don't answer her calls or go over her house.Now i know why his brother girlfriend call her a b***h cause she is.....  I can't believe some women can you?

anjee1978 anjee1978
Sep 9, 2009