I Cannot Stand Her!

Mother in law is so unbelievable annoying.  I hate her advice, I hate her meddling in our lives and I absolutely hate her taking my husbands side.  I love my husband.  Him and I have our fights, and it is a natural part of marriage.  I regret the day we fought in front of her.  My husband hates his mom.  He is very rude to her, swears at her and they absolutely dont get along.....however, he is always in the right with her.  Husband can be very lazy, however, in her eyes, it is ME who is the fight causer.  She actaully has the balls to call me to say that I shouldnt fight with him.  WOW.  Most of the times the fights are caused by him.....but NNOOOOO, he is just so perfect in her eyes.  I dont really think she likes me, but she pretends she does to keep the peace. She's always wondering why we dont come over more often.  I WONDER WHY!!!  I cannot stand her and her advice on what I should wear, how I should be with my husband, how I should do my hair, how I should wear my makeup, etc is just plain annoying!  Thats pretty much all I hear when we go over.  AND SHE WONDERS WHY WE DONT COME OVER.  We live in a one bedroom apartment and we are expecting.  The thing is, we may have to move in with the inlaws once we have the baby.  I cannot fathom this thought.  I dont know what to do.  I can just imagine her interfering with all aspects of the baby's life.   Hopefully we will be able to have other options once the due date comes closer, but right now, I feel like its going to be hell.

Anoyed Anoyed
26-30, F
Dec 28, 2009