I've Had Enough, I Need Help Now!!!!

Okay, here's my situation.  I got married almost 3 years ago, to a man that I really didn't know, nor did I really know his family; all I did know was that I was in "love".  However, this man had a past, as we all do.  His 9 year old son at the time had been living with his mother (the boy's grandmotherr) all his life, as my husband had lost custody of him when he was 2.  Before I continue, yes, I am grateful she took him in or else he would have ended up in foster care.  That is the extent of my gratitude.  This lady is a freaking psycho who is disgustingly co-dependent upon her grandson!!! My step son came to live with us almost 2 years ago.  The grandmother NEVER tried to ease him into it. Hell, she wouldn't even drive 2 hours to meet us to discuss with her grandson that he would be living with us.  No, that was too much of an inconvincous.  When we got my step son, he was 10.  He could not tie his freaking shoes!  He still has no idea of proper grammer or how to do basic life skills.  Why, you ask??? Because his freaking grandmother babied him his whole life!  She has taught this boy that the whole world revolves around him.  She has never ins

dyevooshka dyevooshka
26-30, F
Feb 15, 2010