Why Can't They Just Not Come As A Package?

Families i mean. don't get me wrong i love the missus but we reguarly stay at her mum's and i swear she just tries to annoy everyone. we have to take the dog round who is on a diet and have explained just about every time we go over 'don't feed baz' i know it shouldn't annoy me enough to write about it but she's gonna kill that dog with kindness, we're also trying to train some bad behaviour out of the dog but with her ruining the training it's going nowhere and the dog recently went to bite a small child in response.

On top of that she snores like a lost cousin of Darth Vader (SNGHHHHH HIIIIIIIII HAAAAAAAAAA) which keeps me awake untill gone 4.00a.m and then wakes up making a high pitched call for the cats that anyone i know has heard complains of headaches over. i don't like to whinge but i really needed to tell someone and this seemed best bet.

danielmitchell danielmitchell
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Sorry to say its not all that bad.....why do you have to stay over?<br />
Just tell your wife you cant sleep with the snoring.....but I have to say I just love the way you explain how she snores...........just love it.<br />
Don't take the dog and dont stay over, but if you have to stay over buy a good set of ear plugs!