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I joined this forum, out of desperation.. I am so tired, I just cant think straight or even have the energy to talk.. Just how many times do I have to put up with this person.. I love, love love my hubby, and three of his brothers and their wives, but is it worth it... Right now i just dont know. So much has happened i could be here with my story for years.

She has always gone off and left the 4 boys my hubby included since they were children.. the oldest is 32 now.. She has had numerous affairs which ended in the divorce..She had to have me time and would go with or without a baby sitter.. their dad would often turn up unexpectedly to see them or be called by neighbors as he lived in a different area since they divorced.. he also had to take the two youngest to work, because it wasn't fair apparently for her to have to look after them.. Can you se where its heading.. She causes so many rows and arguments between us all.. She drinks and cant stand straight, asks us to go up, and wont be in. never calls only to cause trouble.. My husband goes months without hearing from her.. She is fine with one son and his psycho of a wife because they have a little girl , and all she ever wanted was a daughter.. So we all have to watch her being there for them and compounded by this is the scheming of that daughter in law against us all.. it sucks big time.. She has given gifts and things over the years and then will suddenly turn up on our door asking for back them to give to the son with the daughter.. .I must come across as sad and childish, but she is so offensive swearing and calling us all really bad things.. I think we are all fairly decent, have jobs work hard, are respectful. and yes even to her, but nothing in return.. Meanwhile the psycho sister in law is up to God knows what.. Birds of a feather maybe.. But my mother in law is really posh,lol..Came from a decent family.. So this leaves me bewildered.. There are so many things over the years she has done to her boys that i cant even think of half of them, thats basically my story.. lol


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Thank you all so much for sharing your stories.. It has helped me so much.. It helps to know i am not alone.. I didn't think i was for one minute, but i didn't really know anyone with such an horrendous MIL.. Thank you for your support.. She has been out of the country for three weeks, and it has been so lovely not to have to deal with harassment and abuse, constant disappointment and stress.. It has been so relaxing.. Already i have that tight feeling in my chest and stomach thinking of her return in a week or so.. But you have all given me such confidence to walk away.. i think i have to for my health and sanity..You all so sound caring and lovely, far too lovely to be going through the problem of awful MIL's too.. I wish you all well, and thank you ladies it means a lot to me.

Honey I am so sorry to hear that she is such a horrible woman, as Cloud said do not except her gifts.<br />
I have a long standing battle with my MIL, she is a good person but wants to do to much for her sons.<br />
She only had 2 kid, 2 boys and my partner whom is the quite one, seems to have to be told by his mummy how and when to have a poo.<br />
The man was 40 when he had his first kid (twins) and thats all we have, she forgets my children's birthdays and some time later the same with Christmas she will ring up our local Coles and get them to ring me and say there is a gift voucher for the kid. I mean for God sake what can I buy the kids at coles.<br />
She had the gaul to tell the lady at Coles the voucher must be for food and I can only spend it there.<br />
I told the lady to ring her back and tell her we have food, so she can keep it.<br />
After our fall out of which this woman almost cost me my relationship, I told my partner you can speak to your Mum when you want, but I want nothing to do with her.<br />
3 years later and she knows she is not welcome at my house, and she also knows nothing about me, I will not let him tell her anything about. And for her only grand daughters twins well I rub it in and send her photos of how happy her son and his family is.<br />
I have a facebook page dedicated to my girls and my happy family and i know they get on have a look.<br />
I do not except anything she sends, and should she ask why, but never has I will tell her if you can not do it with a good heart then I dont want it.<br />
<br />
You need to stand your ground, dont ring her anymore, get a caller id, so you can see when it is her. And for your sister in law, just remember this nasty MIL will turn on her as well one day.<br />
<br />
If I was you and I could afford it, move far away from them

Keep her away!!! You definitely do not need anymore of her crap. I think you both would be so much happier not dealing with her again. Good luck!

Om my God!! Your story sounds almost identical to what I am living with my husband! My MIL has 3 sons, each to a different father, she was never there for them, and now the 3 are married and she prefers the youngest son, and just like you describe she is always there for him and his family and she does the same things your MIL does, but she just crossed the line because she talked my husband into helping her with some money and to make a very long story short me and my husband now have a 2,000 dollar debt! We do not have the money to pay, we are desperate and do not know what to do.<br />
<br />
Last night I told my husband very seriously that I want NOTHING to do with his mother and his younger brother no more, and my husband has accepted that. <br />
<br />
I deeply understand you, and you too should have nothing more to do with that lady, do not accept her gifts and stay away from her. I told my husband that I don´t care if he calls his mother just to say hi, I mean lets get real, shes his mother, but I don´t want her in my life. <br />
<br />
Good luck to you!