Hhappy Birthday Mommie In Law

lord todays her birthday cant wait . how do you smile and say happy birthday

and mean it when for 18 long months she treated us like crap . wont

even say she sorry for treating us so bad and using us for money

lord help me tommorow i really dont want to go over there and sing happy birthday

and just cant wait for mothers day , i call it mother of the year day. we always get a cake

for her only her give her a card . i ve asked donald if we can put my sister in laws name on the

cake and put our names on it too iam a mother too in the family

shes not the only mother . yeah ive not just gotten over it all the pain shes caused us

but what really gets me is she acts like nothings ever happend .

i know ive got to really eccept that shes not women enough to

say iam sorry . i wished she would , becalse in my heart i would

love to set down and talk to her about all the pains shes caused

i would like to tell iam sorry for the things ive done to her .

i hate seeing her shes in such denail. i just pray that god will show her all the pain

shes caused us . i reall ywant to make a mends, i have told her iam sorry

about when we lived with her . she would go into the iam better than you speach

oh forget it hunny its over with get over . but it saddend me wished she could feel

empthy , i just dont think shes got it in her . so sad becalse i wanted a good relationship

with her . but iam just dreaming i guess i wished i would get ver it wanting a relationship

with her its not gona happen becalse she wont let it .

its been a year and 2 months sents we moved out

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

if i bought her a card saying the worlds greatest mother in law<br />
the card would burt into flames .

ty so much for that one

I would buy her a Birthday card that say To The World Greates Mother In Law............and somewhere in conversation you should express the sentament that she has lived some many wonderful years and had given you the gift of loving her son. Then say we all get old and I hope my daughter in law will except me as I except you. It will rally get to her