***** You Better Back Up!

Oh my so many stories, I'll pick one.  After living in sin for over a year we decided to make it right. Missy was not too pleased about it to say the least. She felt it was too soon for us. Yes,She felt! Now we lived a stone throw a way from the valley troll, so she would make it her business to come and tell me about her sons shortcomings everyday. It was two days before the wedding and she couldn't hold it, she began to tell me about my distasteful physical features and about this marriage not lasting. She even conceded that I had made a witches brew to get her son. He came home and began to put her in her place. " That's what you turning against your mother for?" she said, "that old hoe!" Well with that, I was ready with a mean left hook. Had it not been for her son she would have lost her teeth sooner. I began to tell her how everthing had gone south on her body, including the vagin' and what wasn't loose was slappy! We moved out about a month after the wedding. It's been seven years and it was only this weekend that she visited our new home for the first time. I'm so over her but I keep it at the back of my head that we will never be friends.  

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I have not spoke to my M.I.L for 3 years now and I do not intent to do so any time soon, however I let my kids speak to her and let my partner speak to her as much as he likes.<br />
It must kill her not knowing anything about me, as I sit there when they talk, he is not allowed to discuss me.<br />
She is also not allowed to visit me, but I send little reminders that her son is very happy, and send pictures of how happy this little family is.