Moving Problems

A couple of days ago I was so excited to be moving out of my IL"S home. But my MIL has to be a pain in the butt. I just got home from work and my husbands baseball caps and star wars "dollies" were gone. i thought wow my husband is doing great on the moving. But then my mil goes oh i got to show you what i packed for you. and she proseseds to tell me she packed his baseball caps and figures in a box. That pissed me off. Whats her nerve that she has to pack our stuff. Leave it alone we will pack it when we can. I tell my  husband and hes like blowing it off oh shes just trying to help. Help my ***  she wants CONTROL. and its driving me nuts. Thank fully she hasnt been touching any of my stuff. Or i would have gone nueclear on her by now.

jettalady jettalady
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3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

That would **** me off too !! Make your mantra be......"I will be leaving soon, I will be leaving soon"..........try to laugh it off, soon you guys will be GONE, thankfully!

I dont think it is a big deal, if that is the only thing that is upsetting you. In general, I believe you will never completely get along with ANYONE you live with (even husband), kind of like the roommate syndrome.

Just let it go. You're leaving so keep your cool a little bit longer. She still feels she has the right to pack her "little boy's" items. She's not going to change now. Just be glad you're out of there soon!