I Had To Look...

As some of you know I am a glutton for punishment and I like to know what my inlaws are doing even though we don't have any contact with them. Before thanksgiving I found out my MIL started a blog and so every so often I will check to see what crap she has to say and this is what it said:


Well, only 2 more weeks and we're off. March 11th is the day. Things are getting fast and furious, you know how things are when it gets so close to final moving day.  We're down to the last things that can't get packed until a day or 2 before, paper plates, plastic cups and forks, trying to empty out the freezer, all we have left in the freezer is chicken so for the next week and a half we'll be trying to find different ways to fix chicken.

Tomarrow is my last day at work, for this day alone it is well worth moving. 

I'm so excited to get to San Antonio where I will have wonderful children and Grand children that are glad to have me around.  Have 2 interviews when I get there for jobs hopefully one pans out and It doesn't take long to start work. 


Let me explain a bit: MIL & SIL lived with us for 16 months & 6 days of HELL. MIL didn't pay for anything and constantly left lights on and I found out she yelled at my kids a lot and belittled them many times. Well on Feb 28 it will be a year since we have had any contact with them and I know for a fact that MIL has texted my husband (her son) a few times and he always ends the texts with 'Love you mom'. I know my husband still cares for his mom but he is so dissapointed in her and his sisters for being enablers and letting his mom continue in her hurtful behavior. So for me to see that she writes that her other wonderful children and grandchildren will be glad to have her around....Yeah right, we will see how long it takes for them to see the real picture and for them to see how she really is. Oh well her loss not ours. My kids even after a year don't want anything to do with her because of all the hurtful things she did and said to them. Would you allow this to happen to your kids over and over and when do you finally throw in the towel and say enough is enough? It just seems that not only is she claiming to be hurt but she is hurting her realtionship with the one son that tried so hard to help his mom when she continually claims she is financially struggling. The whole situation was hurting our marriage and our children. 2 more weeks and we will have Montana to ourselves again....LOL The kids and I won't have to worry about running into MIL & SIL again. Watch out Texas here they come!!! LOL

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Don't worry honey, Texas knows how to deal. The first thing you see going in is a big old sign saying "Don't mess with Texas". LOL They should have a great experience there. Sounds like Montana is the place to be now.