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hi all my name is richard im looking for some advice ive been with a girl for nearly 5 years now we are engaged her name is amy i love her so much we meet in a realy strange way im 31 and had been looking after my nan whos 93 for the past 10 years we had a cleaner named maria realy nice lady she told me about this girl she knew who looked after her neice who was disabeld her name was amy after a blind date with amy things went extreamly well she was great to be with such a lovely girl i couldnt believe my luck,her situation was more involved than i first thought but so was mine,my situation came to an end after a few family rows about me not being with nan so much because i was spending alot more time with amy and her neice i soon learned that i had something else to deal with my fience lived with her mum,not with her nieces mum,buy the way amy s niece is called nancy,Nancys mum,amys sister could not deal with her situation and went through alot of problems,but she still persists on being one anoying bossy **** who thinks the world owes her a liveing and take trys to take over,amys mum seems to follow suit,me and amy have rectly had a baby girl named ebbie grace smith who we both love so very much,but amys mum and sister want to take over our life and our littel girls life,they seem to forget nancy and let amy deal with her ,i know that seems a harsh but they struggle to let me in to,i dont know what to do, i realy love my little family im afraied im going to loose them because i cant take no more,if anyone can help,thank you.

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Dear Friend<br />
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You need to sit Amy down adn have a heart to heart..doe AMy feel the same as you about how her family is treating you all.<br />
If AMy adn yo both agree the treatment is unfair, then I suggest you move away from the in laws, AMy adn your little girl is now your family, this I think is alot of in laws problem, they cant except the fact that there children are now parents of their own families.<br />
Have as little contact with them as you can, stay in touch on your terms not theirs...........and should they one day ask why it is like that....then say do you want to hear the truth or do you want a lie.<br />
<br />
Then tell them teh honest truth tell them how you see things and how they expect things but tell them you are in charge of your family and will only do what makes your family happy.<br />
If they want to have contact then it will be in your terms.<br />
<br />
Good luck mate, keep in touch and let us know