She Came Straight From Hell!!!!

My mother in law is not crazy, that would be an understatement. I haven't got a chance to read all the stories but here is mine,


I am 19 years old , about to turn twenty soon, and over a year ago i found the love of my life. He is just the most amazing man and i am madly in love with him. Seven months ago we got married and soon after due to financial reasons we had to move to the inlaws house. My mother in law is something else. She is ...ugh...i've never had to write it. its difficult to explain.

I'll give you a situation: about a month ago she picks a fight with my husband, her son, in which he tells her how she has been acting towards everyone in this house. The whole family was outside in the back, it was 6 of us plus her. Everyone was enjoying themselves, even i was happy because we had gotten a new mattress from my sis in law (not that i'm not a happy person its just that with her i know not to get happy because it bites you in the ***). So he tells her this and all of a sudden she gets up and starts yelling and bitching at him about her taking his crap for the last 22 years and blah blah blah then she kicks everyone out including her youngest daughter. She throws her drink at all of us and goes in. Then as we are all out front not wanting to get in her way, she sits on the porch. I'm already emotional because this is very stressful for me to have this every night, then as i'm heading towards the door to just go in the room and get out of her way she stops me and ask"where the hell do you think your going?" i told her i'm just going to use the restroom (thinking that wont aggravate her) but of course everything ****** her off. Nothing can ever be pleasant.  She keeps bitching and arguing until about 4 in the morning when she hit her husband with something and he smacked her back. (ohh i forgot yo mention we also live with my sisterinlaw, her husband and two kids 5 and 3; it sucks for them the most)That was the end of that Saturday/Sunday morning.  So all Sunday my husband and i stayed out of the house so that we would avoid any problems.  We got back home that night and things were there, not calm necessarily but okay. We went to sleep....not for long because here comes 4 in the morning my father in law is knocking the door, honestly i though the house was on fire or something that it sounded so urgent. He tells my husband that he needs to calm his mother down. I'm here in the room just waiting with the phone in my hand just in case i have to call the police. She's yelling and threatening and even moved the car to the middle of the street. She had honestly lost it. She then comes to attack me, she pushed me and started blurring words, at that moment her daughter calls me to see what was going on and of course the wrath just piles on.

It never ends.

She ended up at the mental hospital because she was suicidal which is just ridiculous because she only uses that to make everyone feel bad. At the hospital they told us that she was drunk and the mix of prescription pills with the alcohol caused the "episode". 


The worst part of the whole situation is that i am not able to just be happy and in love, i have to be sad and upset all the time because that is how things are here. I used to be the happiest person with something positive to say all the time but its killed my spirit living here. It also sucks what she does to her own son, my husband has scars that no one will ever heal because of the way his mother treated him as a child and what she does to him now.


We should be moving out in the next month because i'm not about to end up at the hospital again because of her. she's not worth it. I'm in love and i deserve to be happy.



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Well, I've had both. I've had the alcoholic stepfather, who called me names and punced holes in walls constantly. And now I have a MIL who lives with me and has caused such a problem in my marriage that I could end up divorced. <br />
The best advice I could give to the both of you is to become selfsufficient. Being financially independent is the most important thing in the world!!! <br />
Lost--- You and your husband have got to find a way to become independent financially! So that you don't need her for anything. See, when people know that you need them they tend to take advantage of that and feel that they can treat you any way they like. Move away, find better jobs, do whatever you can to stay away from that drama. Who needs that ****?? Your MIL sounds like a mentally unstable person with a drug problem.<br />
Bisou--- I don't know how old you are, but I know exactly how you feel. I left home as soon as I graduated high school and never went back. You need to find a way to become a successful adult, so that you don't depend on anyone. When you are financially independent life takes on a whole new meaning. And don't believe a thing your ******* stepfather says. He's a miserable person who is trying to bring you down with him. Misery loves company.

I don't know if it's the same but I have a step dad from hell. He walks around the house stomping his feet to let the whole house know he's there, like we don't already. He throws out my stuff if I don't put it away right away (like a burning hot straightener how can I put that away right away lol) hell throw it out. He kicks doors punches the walls screams and yells 'til he's blue then he calls me a ***** **** ***** bla bla bla. <br />
So freakin depressing