I Have A Fire Breathing Dragon Lady For Mil

My MIL has lived with my husband and me for the past 5 yrs.  My husband is on hospice and has been living on borrowed time almost all our married life (14yrs)  No matter what I do it isn't enough for her and she does everything she can to make my husband believe that I'm stepping out on him.  My diabetes has shot  up so much that my life is now in danager.  I'm so tired of her treating me like a 5 yr old, nothing I do is good enough, and worst of all she will not let my parents visit in my own house (,mine before marriage).  I don't have anyone I can vent to because she waits till their back is turn to pick on me so everyone thinks she's a sweet old lady and I'm just being mean to her.  I'm at my wits end I'm tired of playing her game.

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I agree. Take care of yourself and stand up for yourself!! If that it YOUR house, then dammit- let your parents over! Don't let her run the show! One thing that all 1,000 stories have in common-- If we let our MIL's have power, they will totally crush us!! My MIL has lived with ME for 5 years or more, and we butt heads constantly, but she is definately not the boss in my house! And she knows it! My MIL acts shy and innocent around my hubby and others and makes me out to be the bad guy all the time, but I don't care because I do what I have to do to make sure that she doesn't run all over me like your MIL. Be strong!!!! Stand up to her in a calm, FIRM, way. Good luck!

Please don't allow the witch (and I'm being kind there) to keep your parents away like that. It sounds like she's trying to keep you isolated, stressed, and depressed. Many rotten MILs want to be seen as sweet old ladies but are actually vicious harpies. I'm worried about your diabetes and those rising numbers. Try to be nicely - but firmly - assertive with the hag and set those boundaries. I wish you all the best.