They Crossed The Line, And I Hope They Rot

My future MIL and her relatives have now made it 100% clear that they are definitely not coming to our wedding.  Before, it was just words, but now they're turning it into action.  They have a wonderful, kind-hearted son who deserves so much better than them.  It was one thing when they behaved childishly because they couldn't have absolutely everyone they wanted on our guest list (limited funds will do that).  But now to not attend their only son's wedding over seven cousins-once-removed (to MIL; they're twice removed to my fiance) who we can't afford to invite... it's disgusting, sickening behavior.  One day they will regret doing this to their son, if they have souls that are capable of regret.  But by then it may be too late.  I hope they rot in hell.

NYCgirl6 NYCgirl6
31-35, F
Mar 9, 2010