The "mom" I Have...

Wow, I could write a book on the horrible experiences I've had over 26 years with my Mother. (Whom I think is an evil b***h)

At 2 she left my Dad and took me far away from my roots. I didn't return until I was 5 and my poor Father didn't even find out till he saw me playing one day near the highway.. thats a story in its self.

My Mother is a compulsive liar, every word from her mouth is a lie. I HATE it, boy you should see the lies she tells on facebook, I didn't know she was a cop or just had surgery.. lol she is an unemployed fat cow (that is really insulting to cows)

On and off I have allowed her into my life, she will be a good Mom for about an hour then its on... b***ch from HELL. I can't even tell you how horrible it was to grow up with a liar, how embarassing it was.She a liar (or a Sociopath, she even has her shrink fooled, let me tell you this once I wasn't speaking to her and she called me to let me know she took a bunch of pills and was going to kill herself and she had herself commited just so I would talk to her again CRAZY.. they say she is bipolar I think they should have left her there and threw away the key sometimes I really would wish she would just kill herself so I would have to hear all the bulls**t.

She also was extremely abusive. Verbally, emotionally, physically... I had a horrible life.. and yet she made sure she bought me everything to impress people (that was unless she had a man then I was just a fly in her web of lives). I remember her taking a knife out and saying she was going to cut out my heart. I was raped at 14 and she kicked and beat me up telling me I was a *****. I remember one time I guess I was 6 she let one of her boyfriends beat me with a plastic jump rope until my legs bled. Nice....

At 17 my senior year I had a serious boyfriend, I got pregnant.She yelled and made fun of me told me to abort. I graduated and had my daughter. I left home at 17 had my own apartment then I owned my own mobile home. (not a lot but I owned it) Then she got this CRAZY obsession with my daughter (which she still has). I moved back home when my daughter was 2 (I was in an abusive realationship and needed to leave). So I lived with my Mom for 3 months..............HELL ON EARTH. She punched me in the face once when I stood up to her she told me I deserved for my ex to beat me and attempt to kill me... (boy this really sounds like white trash doesn't it? I promise I am not white trash lol) She even told people where she was working (when and if she EVER works) that she had custody of my daughter because I was a bad mother. Well I was able to get on my feet and get my own place again. I met a great man (who I am now married to and he has adopted my daughter and we have a daughter together too 6 years later)

Well my horrible mother is still around, but I've cut her out of my life as of July 5th. She is evil, I really think she is evil (I know it sounds crazy but I am sure everyone can relate) I've never wished death on anyone and I feel horrible for saying it but I really wish she would just kill herself. She is waiting for my Grandma to die to get her money, so she isn't working she just sits on her 250lbs *** all day long.. its SICK.

I hate that she can act like a good Mom but at heart she is a horrible person. Oh yeah, she thinks her dog is the best thing on earth, she tells people that the dog is better then me...

I should write a book...or we all should.
jcreviston jcreviston
26-30, F
Jul 13, 2010