I Hate My Mum/mom

I just hate her like SO Much. like everyday she's yelling and shouting she's so stressed out with my brother and sister (baby bro&sis) like if I was asleep she'd wake me up and say get up at 2:00AM! to help her. my brother lives with my dad, my sister lives with my granny. and she tortures me EVERYDAY like 1 time I TRIED to have a good time with her I was messing about with the sky remote then her favourite song came on, then I turned it over then she's like PUT IT ******* BACK ON, then I'm like it's just a song, then my brother was with us that day then she jumped on me and strangled me for the FRIGGIN remote then my brother was like GET OFF HER, my face went red she was strangling me that hard then i threw it at her and said '' THERE YOU ******* PSYCHOPATH! '' then she came and started hitting me like mad with the remote then my brother kept yelling stop it BUT SHE WOULDN'T her friend was downstairs then my brother got her to come on her friend had to pull her back of me. she made my nose bleed bruised my arm she kicked me in the face and I have a half black eye. it's not only that time I hate her, I LOVE getting away from her, I swear I HAVE to live with her in the week. but on weekends I get away from her as far as possible, when Ii'm at school I love it because I'm away from her but then I'm tortured when I get home. Sometimes she wants us to snuggle in together at night but I'm like NO, even when she's nice to me I still hate her, i hate her ringing me, I hate being near her, I hate everything about her, she blames EVERYTHING on me like 1 time her bf was like who spelt that coke then she's like her AND IT WASN'T ME! it was her I even saw her do it, I know that SHE loves me but honestly I just cannot effing stand her, I feel like running away I even have my suitcase under my bed I've saved up 200dollars and everything I'm running away when I get to 500 beleive my thats soon, I steal from her purse and my granny's purse (i know thts bad but I'm desprt)
Chaaaaaaaaaron Chaaaaaaaaaron
Jul 22, 2010