Mum Drinking And Leaving Us Home Alone

I am 13 and live with my mum two younger sisters and a younger brother who is . My mum always says shes going to the supermarket or going to go pick up something that she needs. She says she will be 20 mins but she gets home 4 hours later! In have told her how i feel and she just starts an argument! I am left home alone at night to look after my siblings who are 5, 9 and 12. I have to make dinner and everything. My mum goes out drinking when she says she's going out to do something, i know that now and again she's aloud to have girly time but this happens 4 - 5 times a week! I'm not as stupid as she thinks i am, even my 5 year old brother knows where she goes when she says she's going out to the supermarket! We don't say anything because she just denies it. We have told our dad and he says a word to her about it but then she goes and starts a massive argument and my dad has to leave. She then yells at us for telling dad and that it's none of his buisness. We are struggling with money and she says she will cut down on the wine so we can use the money to buy things we like and need. But then she goes out to drink after she says this. Also she has started to see men behind our back, and she thinks that we think she is going to the supermarket. I don't want her to have a boyfriend because she has had one before and i hated him! I feel like she will try make him take the place of our dad because she thinks my dad is not good enough. I don't want anyone to replace my dad and i'm scared. I don't know what to do anymore?! Please help me.
tuffone tuffone
Jul 22, 2010