Wtf *****?!

I've never really been able to keep friendships beause my mom never really let's me do things that normal teenagers do. I do everything she asks me to do. I get good grades, I do all my chores and I help her so much with my baby brother. But the second I ask her if I can go out she's all like "yeah you don't want to do your chores but the second someone tells you to go out you quickly get ready for that." So I end up not going and after a while my friends just stop asking me to go out. And eventually my friends end up getting closer and I'm always left out of what they do and I'm not able to share memories with them.

Another thing, when I was smaller, about 5, my mom used to hit me a lot. Even to this day my family tells me that when I was small she always used to beat me for little things like spilling juice and that I would ALWAYS be crying. Family now still asks me why doesn't she discipline your younger brother (who is eleven and has done so many bad things) just how she disciplined you? But the thing that gets me upset is that when my siblings are annoying me and I yell at them to stop she always tells me "e, remember you're 18 now and if I call the cops you'll get in trouble for verbal abuse to minors!" and I think to myself, oh but she couldn't have thought of that when I was five and she was beating me? Ever since I was small she put this fear into me that if I ever do anything bad she would do something to me.

It's just stupid because when we spend time with her friends she puts on a face like oh I'm the nicest person in the world. No ***** you're not!

Sometimes I think my parent don't love me because I was an accident. My brother can get the worst grades and come home with complaints from teachers and he still gets PSP games and toys. But when I bring home a B+ I get a "that's not good enough, where are the A+'s?"

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yep i had pretty much the same thing. i have an 8 year old brother that gets spoiled and never gets in trouble. for instance yesterday he beat me with a nerf gun and the next day my mom goes and buys him another one. wtf. and i used to get really good A's and then when my twin sister would get C's she would get a party thrown for her and my mom wouldn't say anything about my grades. and in front of her friends she acts like she is perfect and so nice and even when she talks on the phone, and everything thinks I am just lying or being unfair when i tell them how crazy she is. anyways sorry for rambling on but I know exactly how you feel. I am donating my eggs so I can move out because I can't stand her.