I Hate My Mom.......

She's always telling me what to do and she controls me. She gets drunk. She never says she cares about me. We can't even stand each other. We always end up screaming at each other or fighting. She hits me, and she never came to my graduation. She always forgot to pick me up after school when i was a kid, and I had waited over an hour. My mom had kicked me out of the house once, and I had slept in the backyard. She says that if I won't listen to her, she would kick me out forever. Sometimes I cut myself to feel better. My mom slaps me and punches me. She never takes me anywhere, and I have to take the bus or walk. She doesn't give me food so I have to go out and buy food. I currently work to earn money, since my mom never gives me anything. She locks me in my room when I don't listen to her, and she swears at me, screams at me. She says that she regrets having me.
taintedcries taintedcries
22-25, F
Aug 4, 2010