It Cant Happen To U............

3 years after my mom tried to kill me now i am 15 she forces me to study inspite of me studing fine I get a B+ or sometimes C
se hits me with a stick bangs my hand on the wall burns me with the electric moskito net and once she tried to choke me
Ahmedabad Gujarat India
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

that is messed up you know that but im not the one to talk<br />
i mean i thought my mom didnt care about me and all but<br />
hearing your storie makes me feel better so thank you even<br />
if your mom might be misrable and hits you she is still your mother<br />
like mine i might get pissed off on her time to time but thats only<br />
natural thats the way of life about 10%of moms are like yours but<br />
that doesnt mean that she doesnt love you maybe if you would<br />
put your situation more clear i could have helped you more,<br />
oh well anyways hope this helps!. good luck