My Mean *** Mother

This entry isn't about me going through Menopause, but rather about my mother and how it effects me. Many people who go through Menopause think that it's such a tough time and they get all the sympathy. But no one ever stops to see the effects that it has on the people around them. My Mother is so wrapped up about how she is getting the better of Menopause and that people make to much of a bug deal out of it. While I'm here to tell you that it is a big deal, and not only for the women who are experiencing it.

When my mother turned 50, my Gran said to me that my mother was going through an important time in her life and that her hormones were changing and that her moods would change too. Bull ****, it made PMS look like nothing, she went berserk! I have never seen anyone throw a fit like she could, nothing was ever good enough and the tiniest thing would set her off. She would shout and bang things loudly and then she would sulk and say things like "You people never help..." Now since my father is at work most the time and my sisters no longer live here, that means one thing. You people = Me!

She turned into this moody, irrational, impatient *****, I know that this sounds horrible to say such a thing about my mother, And I have her and all but for those who have experienced this you can sympathizes with me. For those who have yet to go through this, let's just say that you have been warned. Your mother will be permanently pissed off, you will never ever be able to do or say the right thing. And keeping quiet isn't an option either.

I live day to day on Calm-meds, because I'm not the kind of person who will tell another person off, oh no, I would rather sit back and wait for the person to blow up by themselves. But it's been 5 years and it's been kind of rough I'll admit. My sisters think that I'm just over reacting but that's why I decided to start this blog. Maybe somewhere out there, there is just one person who feels the same way I do, and who knows what I'm talking about.

I try my best to be on my best behavior and to stay out of my mothers way but it seems that no matter how hard I try I always seem to do something that ****** her off. I wake up to early, I sleep too late. She hates the music I listen to but moans because I'm listening to mu Ipod and not listening to her. She moans that I never talk to her but then in return she doesn't listen to me and just dismisses me with a simple uh-huh.

And Lord forbid you ever get angry, then it's like they forget all the times they have been angry and are like these hippies, "Angers like not the answer man, you should be more like me." We have never had the perfect relationship she loved my sisters more than me boo hoo, but she can be really mean and condescending. And she's in that time of her life where she is turning into that sarcastic mean old granny that you see in the movies. She treats everyone like **** and takes no back talk. And no matter how nice and sweetly you can tell her something she always says that you're treating her like an idiot. She's so afraid that people will think little of her. People say to me that she can;t help it that I should console her, let me just say that the next person who says that to me I'll kill with my own hands. Because when she needs to impress people she can control herself.

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I feel you, my mother I think hates all of her children, all but one the one who sends her a check each month because he wants to kiss up to her. When he were young my mom treated him the same way she treat us but now he is so different. Your mother sound just like our mother and sometimes she can be as sweet as apple pie when she wants to impress other people.When we were children she used to beat the crap out of us but my brother pretend he don't remember that, he's a liar.Sometimes I hate him almost as much as I hate my mother.

I think your mother's behavior may have nothing to do with PMS... rather it may be a manifestation of some deep seated psychological problem

Of course your sisters and other people think you're overreacting, they don't have to live with her! -_-<br />
Honestly, if I were you I would have just said **** it by now and stop trying to please her. You shouldn't have to put up with her acting like a toddler. Don't feel bad for feeling this way about her.