Hate My Mom

Okayy now I know people say you actually do love your mom and your just hiding it but nottt always right , I happen to hate my mom veryyyy much . Me and her never get along and the times we do is when i dont talk to her. Im always up in my room and she ask me why and its because i dont like being around her at all . About a year ago me we got in a fight because of my attitude and always back talking her , and after that things between us got alot worse . Now shes always in a bad mood and always yelling at me for nothing it seems like most of the time . I dont even think of her as my mom i just think shes some person making my life terrible. I stay out late at night with friends ( i dont drink or smoke) but im not getting into trouble but she just doesnt trust me and i kinda think thats one of the reasons why i have a hard time getting along with her. At some points i have thought about cutting myself because of her . Also she drives me to tears, and i have thought about when im older of just loosing full contact with her. Okayy imma stop but i can keep going i just dont have the time . Byee(:
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It's so weird........but I know where you are coming from......not contact with my crazy mom for 4 years........it's been nice

my mom favors anyone and anything over me. i wish she loved me like a mom is supposed to but no... well i hope u get away from her and never talk to her again

That is exactly how I feel<br />
I actually DID cut my self because of that terriable woman!

I feel the same way man.

tht all describes me

dont cry over her she is not whort it #]